Work From Home better with these Home Office Accessories

Work From Home better with these Home Office Accessories


With the Coronavirus, COVID-19 (previously known as the Wuhan Flu), making its rounds in Singapore, many companies and organisations have business continuity plans in place and have allowed employees to work from home. If you're a student, you may also choose to do your work and studies from home to avoid the crowds in libraries or cafes.

While working from home is a nice change from working in the office, getting things done within the comforts of your crib may not be the most efficient, and it can also get a little boring. We've some recommendations that can help you be productive in your home office while staying comfortable and making things a little more fun.


Organise your study room

Having a dedicated workspace like a study room is vital in segregating your work from play.

And within your study room, having organisers is also pretty much essential, and our store has stationery organisers in just about any style to complement your work environment.

Go for the cute Desk Bunny Tape Dispenser by Qualy Design to hold your tape, or the elegant Scandi design of the Tofu Mini by Pana Objects to get all your stationery organised. For those who love a more quirky style, the Desk Bucket Floating Container by Peleg Design would be a perfect choice.


We still use stationery, don’t we?

Although we're rapidly moving towards the digital age, stationery like pens and paper will probably never go away entirely.

This is why we carry solutions to help you keep your papers organised and neat, such as the Paper Peg and Busy Bees by OTOTO Design. Keep your papers stapled or clipped together, so your desk stays tidy, and you never get into a situation where you lose your paperwork.


Who said office chairs were the only option?

Office chairs are usually functional pieces of furniture that serve a specific purpose - to be placed in front of a desk. But you don't necessarily have to be sitting in an office chair while working at home.

Make yourself more at home and productive in a beautiful and comfortable multi-position bean bag such as the very practical plopsta' by doob Bean Bags, or the Vesuvius by SoftRock Living for that more classy look.

These bean bags allow you to use your laptops and other devices in a comfortable position for work.

Oh, and we have a 20% discount on plopsta' bean bags for a limited time now. Use the code getdoobnotflu at checkout. Don't say good things never share yah!


Good riddance to all rubbish

A fact of life: humans generate trash, and that trash needs to go somewhere.

So why not go it in style? We have different designs to complement your home decor, such as the modern/contemporary Round Flip Bin, the Cactrash Bin and the Crystal Flow Bin by Qualy Design.


Ensure you have your caffeine fix

Getting a daily cuppa is probably the most critical part of the day for many of you. It is for us, and we wouldn't know what to do without coffee, tea and these accessories when stuck at home.

Get that life-saving cup of drip coffee using Gem by OMMO, or the Mico-Ice Cold Brew Coffee Set by Simple Lab. The Sprout Jar Container and Spoon by Qualy Design is also useful to store your ground coffee or tea leaves.


Keep your tech neat and tidy

We use lots of digital devices these days such as computers, mobile phones and tablets.

If you find it a hassle keeping your cables tidy, Jot by Dreamfarm can help keep your cords in check, as well as doubling up as a pen holder when you're not using it for cables.

The Sila Smartphone Stand by Pana Objects can be used as a dock for your mobile phone, keeping your workspace neat and enabling you to view messages at the desk easily without having to pick up your phone.

Sila Tablet Stand is also available.


Leave your notes on the whiteboard

If you've got a whiteboard at home, then having magnets is a must. These can help you attach notes to your board so you can get a better view of them at eye level. They also help take things away from your desk, again, to keep it neat.

Or you could also attach pictures of you and your colleagues because you miss them so much while working from home. Not sure why you'd want to do that though.

For whatever purpose you have, we’ve got the perfect magnets to match every style. Go Scandi with Auriga by Pana Objects or modern/quirky with the Arrow Magnet Set by Qualy Design. If you want something more minimalist, we also have Come Rain Come Shine Magnet Set by Moreover.


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