We are Mad About Mats, are you?

We are Mad About Mats, are you?

mrphy New Arrival: We are Mad About Mats, are you?
mrphy new launch brand Mad about Mats

Door mats, bath mats and room mats are staple items for many homes. A well-made and beautifully-designed mat can make a huge difference to any personal space and serve as a reflection of one’s personality, but herein lies the problem - most mats out there are actually really, really boring and are just there in the house as an afterthought.

Well, not here on mrphy, it isn’t.

We’re now carrying some of the most beautiful, high quality mats you’ll ever own from Mad About Mats, a company from Belgium that produces their products entirely in their home country.

Why settle for dull mats that don’t add any character to your crib? Read on to find out more about the three types of mats from Mad About Mats, each coming with a variety of unique designs and sizes.

mrphy New Arrival: We are Mad About Mats, are you?


The Scraper is a “walk-clean” mat that consists of harder yarns to guarantee clean feet. It’s the perfect quality for your entrance. You’ll be glad to know that these mats are machine washable.

Featured here is Josh, a door mat from our Ethnic Jungle collection. It pairs the current trend of foliage with a modern, clean typography motif. Perfect for a modern home or office, or for that villa or resort chic.

Made from 100% polyamide, Josh is a walk-clean mat that keeps the dirt outside, and it also has a non-slip backing to help with the grip while you're dusting your shoes.

mrphy New Arrival: We are Mad About Mats, are you?


The Touch is super soft and absorbent, keeping your feet dry on clean floors. These mats are also machine washable.

We’ve featured Ludo here, a floor mat from our Little Love collection, and is a throwback to hopscotch squares drawn with chalk on the sidewalk. It is great as a comfortable surface for kids to play with, or for the young at heart as a bedside runner.

Just like Josh, Ludo is also made from 100% polyamide, and is soft to the touch, super-absorbent and easy to clean. The non-slip backing ensures a good grip, making it great not only for bedrooms, but bathrooms and kids’ rooms as well.

mrphy New Arrival: We are Mad About Mats, are you?


The Pure is easy to maintain, and is a hygienic solution for your home. This range of mats is water and stain resistant, durable, and can easily be hand-washed with soap and water.

We’ve featured Pascal here, which is a floor mat from our Graphic Pop-Up collection. Its geometric repeating patterns makes it extremely versatile and great for complementing most interior decors, from retro, to modern and contemporary.

Pascal is made from 100% vinyl, and can be placed in your bedroom, bathroom, dining room or kitchen. You can even pair it with a coffee table in the living room or place it in the kids' room to provide a surface for them to play on.


Discover more exquisite designs from Mad About Mats on mrphy.sg today.


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