There’s something for everyone at mrphy’s Great Singapore Sale 2019!


It’s June again, and you know what that means… our Great Singapore Sale is back! You may end up being a little spoilt for choice while browsing our sale, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you with the best deals on!

Let’s take a quick look at what’s on offer - there’s definitely something for everyone!



If vibrant colours make your home feel more like a home, then look no further than Mad About Mats' graphic pop-up collection . These mats emphasise on bright solid colours and go well with retro, modern and contemporary decor.


Complement that with the plopsta’ from doob Bean Bags in one of its many vibrant colour options, and your home is set to give you the warm fuzzy feels on even the gloomiest of days.



wood you, or wooden you?

But hey, maybe you have a Scandily-clad home and prefer more woody tones?

Not to worry, we’ve the right accessories for you. If pencils are still relevant in your life, then the Blok Pencil Case by Pana Objects will be a charming addition to your woody collection with its craftsman’s toolbox-inspired minimalist design. The devil’s really in the details.


Or how about having a little fun with the Easy Balance Wooden Balancing Game by Carpenter? There’s nothing quite like the beauty and versatility of these classic wooden games for a great round of party games.



tongs and clongs

Wait, what are “clongs”??? For some, these are just a little bit of a marketing gimmick. However, if you love spending your time at home in the kitchen, then these BBQ clongs by Dreamfarm will definitely satisfy you with their “clicky” sound - much like that of a retractable pen - when you open them up.

And they actually have a clever bend in their handles that allow them to sit up off your kitchen top or bench so they can be put down without getting dirty. Pretty neat, huh?

But if you’re more into tongs for daily use, then the Bigfoot food tongs by OTOTO Design is here to carry you through the day. Turn to good old Bigfoot for tasks such as tossing your salad or preparing your meals.



if you can tell your Malbecs from your Merlots

Are you a wine connoisseur with waaaaayyyy too many bottles at home, and the potential to add more to your collection? Our Wine Cell Modular Wine Rack by Qualy Design is perfect for you. Suitable for holding an initial 8 bottles of grape juice, this honeycomb-shaped bottle rack can be expanded by connecting another modular set to it. Perfect for that burgeoning wine collection!

Or how about mystifying your guests with a mind-bending illusion from the Chain Wine Bottle Holder by Peleg Design? It’s sure to be a great way to break the ice in those awkward moments.



or maybe you're just looking to get comfy

We get it, a home doesn’t necessarily have to be all bells and whistles. Somewhere comfortable to unwind after a long day at work is just the prescription that most of us need.

So why not relax in style with luxurious cushions by SoftRock Living? Adorn your modern sofa with our linen-style upholstery or synthetic suede cushions, made with the same luxurious materials as those SoftRock Living bean bags to provide you with that extra comfort.


These items just scratch the surface of our sale! Drop by to discover more great things and get up to 50% off during our Great Singapore Sale!


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