Scary Halloween Specials at mrphy

mrphy OTOTO Design Spaghetti Monster halloween colander yellow eyes cute kitchen dining

Halloween celebrations are now in full swing, but what if you’re not into wild partying in a weird getup?

Well, no wild party doesn’t mean no party, right? You can still have an awesome, cosy gathering at home with family and friends, and we can help with our awesome promos on selected home accessories this trick-or-treat season.

Whether it’s for a home party, or just an excuse to spruce up your crib, we’re sure we have the right stuff you’d love. Here are some highlights from our scary Halloween sale.


Bigfoot Food Tongs

There’s nothing scary about Bigfoot - well, at least not this one. Bring him home for dinner and watch him toss your salad and serve you food with his big... arms.

Yeah, we know he’s called Bigfoot and it’s not his feet that are big here, but have you ever heard of a monster called “Bigarm”? Guessed as much.

Bigfoot Food Tongs by OTOTO Design


Beerdy Magnetic Bottle Opener

What’s Halloween without beer? Ok, what’s any occasion without beer?

Even Beerdy knows this, which is why this birdy beer buddy can’t wait for you to bring it home to open one beer after another for you. It’s magnetic too, so it can patiently wait atop unopened beer bottle caps for when it’s needed.

Just don’t keep it waiting for too long!

Beerdy Magnetic Bottle Opener by Peleg Design

Mrphy Qualy Design Thirsty big bird water dispenser instruction green kitchen dining cute animal ice

Thirsty Big Bird 3 Litre Water Dispenser

Ice is awesome... until it ends up diluting your drinks. Urgh.

Thirsty Big Bird here will help ensure your drinks remain chilled and fantastic, with its handy ice tube that separates the ice from the drinks.

Keep everyone happy with this ultra-portable and easy-to-clean dispenser!

Thirsty Big Bird 3 Litre Water Dispenser by Qualy Design

OTOTO Design Spaghetti Monster colander yellow eyes cute kitchen dining

Spaghetti Monster Colander

Do you struggle taking out those slippery spaghetti strands from the pot of water after cooking them? Or do you try to pour the water away but struggle to keep the pasta in the pot?

Well, fear not, this monster can help with all that. Blessed with a most beautiful pair of eyes, this spaghetti monster is a straining master that will help ease your frustrations after cooking that delicious pot of noodles.

Spaghetti Monster Colander by OTOTO Design

Mrphy Propaganda jaws steel sharpener knife kitchen shark animal

Jaws Steel Sharpener

While the sharpest knives eventually get blunt, Jaws’ teeth almost never do!

That’s why it has volunteered to be your kitchen companion and knife sharpener. It will help make cutting safer, while always reminding you of that awesome, but scarily catchy “baby shark” song that Halloweens are made of.

Jaws Steel Sharpener by Propaganda


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