5 Reasons to Keep Indoor Plants

5 Reasons to Keep Indoor Plants


Indoor plants have made a comeback in interior design and home decor trends, much to the joy of green-fingered people all over. And what's not to love? Plants have been shown to contribute several health benefits, on top of making your living space a whole lot cooler and cosier. Let's uncover the foliage and see what a little bit of home gardening can do for you and your home.


Plants Improve Your Mental Health

Keeping some greenery in your home has all kinds of health benefits, and that includes your mental health. From lowering your stress levels, to having a therapeutic effect and improving well-being, it is certainly believable that keeping plants around are good for your mind and mood. Especially with so much uncertainty going on these days, and what with being cooped up at home, we all sure could use some mental health boosts.

Check out the Oasis Plant Pots by Qualy Design, which not only help you contain your larger indoor plants in various ways, but is also made of recycled plastic.

Qualy Oasis Round Self-Watering Plant Pot
Qualy Oasis Square Self-Watering Plant Pot

Plants Boost Your Productivity

Plants are great in the study and home office. Studies have shown that having flora around help improve productivity and boost creativity. This is now, more than ever, a good reason as any to introduce some pots to your home especially if you are required to work or study from home.

The Carepot Self-Watering Plant Pot is a great way to care for your plants. What's more, it has a concealed self-watering system that removes the hassle of frequent watering.

Qualy Carepot Self-Watering Plant Pot

Plants are Great for Clean air

To no-one's surprise, indoor plants help with purifying the air in our living spaces. NASA famously did a study on the purifying properties of interior landscape plants and found that low-light-requiring plants along with activated carbon plant filters, have demonstrated the potential for improving indoor air quality by removing trace organic pollutants from the air. This plant system was said at the time of the study to be one of the most promising means of alleviating the "sick building syndrome" associated with "energy-efficient" buildings. In this day and age, volatile organic compounds are still commonly found at home.

Of course, houseplants aren't a miracle air purifier, and will not remove toxins in the air with the same efficacy of an expensive air cleaner - you would need many many many more plants. And needless to say, you shouldn't depend on your ferns to counter an unventilated an polluted environment. So maintain a well-ventilated home, and treat your Mother in Law's Tongue as a bonus!

Other plants shown to clean the air of toxins (and importantly are great as interior decor) include the Sword Fern and the Spider Plant. Large-leafed philodendron plants, including the trendy monstera plant, are also options. Just don’t let children and pets eat the toxic leaves.

Keep some plants around your living space with the Pixel Pot Self-Watering Plant Pot which is made with recycled plastic but has the appearance of concrete and complements an industrial decor vibe.

Pixel Pot Self-Watering Plant Pot

Looking at Plants (Supposedly) is Good For The Eyes

We've all heard the age old advice about taking breaks from looking at a computer screen, or from reading, in order to rest your eyes. Scientists have found that the green colour range is of a wavelength that is optimal for our eyes to process and perceive. Having a reduction in strain required in visual perception might be responsible thus for the correlation between its calming and therapeutic effects mentioned earlier.

Although there has not been a direct study that shows that green hues help with reducing eye strain and improving eye health, taking "eye" breaks from studying and working definitely is a healthy habit, and while you're at it, you might as well be looking at your soothing green friends!

A sight for sore eyes, the Micro Greenhouse Terrarium is a great way to have some greenery near your workspace at home or in the office.

Qualy Micro Greenhouse Terrarium

Plants Improve the Decor

Plants have always been a part of decor, but as we mentioned have especially now in this decade become more popular. There could be several reasons contributing to this trend, including the above-mentioned points. Other reasons may be that with increasingly claustrophobic apartments and cities, plants help to add "life" to urban living spaces. The "back to nature" concept also is partly from increasingly demanding work, leaving one less able to be with nature... so we bring the nature to us.

For Industrial Decor, indoor plants help to both add a pop of colour to an otherwise monotonous palette, as well to contrast the harshness of industrial decor - straight lines and rough surfaces.

For Scandi Decor, with wood and earth tones being a big part of the interior, plants are a very logical addition. Green is complementary to browns and greys and whites, and natural finish wood is just begging for a leaf or two nearby.

Get the Hill Pot from Qualy Design, a deviation from their usual adorable-to-death designs. The Hill Pots are in trendy neutral tones and very chic geometric shapes that complement most decor, from industrial to scandi to modern. They also have a concealed water dish that waters the plants.


Plants Heal You

We know that in popular culture, plants are magically associated with healing. Is there any scientific truth in this? One such study has shown a relation between the recovery rate of patients after surgery, with the presence of flowers and plants. The positive influence that was reported included less pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Looks like not just the apples keeping doctors away, but the trees too!

Get the Log & Squirrel Self Watering Plant Pot, an ultra-adorable pot that will put a smile on anybody's face.
Mrphy Qualy Design Log and Squirrel Self-Watering Plant Pot

So there we have it, houseplants are good to have around. Now that we're at home more, working from home more, and because we need to care for our physical and mental well-being now more than ever, every little green sprout goes a long way.

Care for it and it will care for you! Care-it Self-watering Device


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