Strata Pot Self-Watering Plant Pot


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The Strata Pot is inspired by rock strata – geological features created by layers and layers of different sedimentary rock formed over eons, long before we ever walked this Earth.

This Strata pot is proof that today we are able to recycle properly almost every type of plastic, including multi-layered packaging materials which are commonly used. The Strata pot is divided into 2 main parts, the smaller pot and the larger pot, which fit standard plant pot sizes in case users do not want to repot their small plants, or it can be used as a self-watering plant pot by simply stacking one on top of each other.

• Made of recycled foil packaging (RFOIL)
• Pots can be used separately, or as one self-watering pot
• When used separately, pots can fit standard size plant pots
• Small pot holds 0.5 litres and can last approximately 10 days (depending on the plant and weather conditions)

mrphy Qualy Strata Pot Self-Watering Plant Pot
mrphy Qualy Strata Pot Self-Watering Plant Pot
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Large Pot: 15.5 x 15 x 11cm
Small Pot: 12 x 12 x 8.5cm




Recycled Material from foil sachets (RFOIL)


Black, Green


Comes with 2 stackable pots (to be used together or separately)