Revo Tea Scoop and Infuser


Want a tea infuser? Don’t want a cartoonish one? Don’t want a metal one either? Steep your tea with Revo, classy and grassy. Made from food-grade bamboo fibre and 100% eco-friendly, Revo is designed to go green. Hong Kong Smart Design Award 2014 (Merit)

• Easy cleaning, parts are fastened by magnet.

• As tea leaves expand when steeped, do not overload Revo to avoid leakage.

Residue/powder is part of the manufacturing process and is non-toxic. Wash before first use.

Do not soak for extended periods. Like other wood and bamboo products, store in a dry place to prevent mildew and deformation. Slight deformation can be restored by leaving in the shade to wind-dry.


3 cm × 2.3 cm × 20 cm


0.042 kg


Bamboo fiber, permanent magnet




Comes with:
Tea scoop & infuser x 1 (scoop & lid)

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