Polar Ice Bucket


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The Polar Ice Bucket gives you a stylish way to serve ice cubes at a dinner event, while gently reminding us about the importance of environmental sustainability. Melted ice will drain by dripping into the bottom so that your ice is easier to remove with the provided tongs and so that the remaining ice melts slower. The rising water level at the bottom is a parallel to the reality of the polar bear’s disappearing habitat due to global warming. Enjoy your chilled drink while being environmentally conscious! Polar Ice Bucket goes well with Polar Ice Tray.

GSS 2022
Mrphy Qualy Design Polar ice Bucket
Mrphy Qualy Design Polar ice Bucket

Ø16 cm x 22 cm


Body : 0.72 kg
Tongs : 0.02 kg


Black, White


Acrylic Resin, Plastic


Comes with tongs.