Mico-Ice Pro Cold Brew Coffee Set


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Enjoy the less acidic-profiles of cold brew coffee with the Mico-Ice Pro. Combining Scandi styling with scientific laboratory design elements, you’ll be brewing in style in no time. The Mico Ice Pro is a new and improved version of the best-selling Mico Ice, with a larger ice chamber and an extra stainless steel filter for a more even extraction than before. Other tweaks include a wooden lid, a marble-styled silicone filter, and a measuring scale on the collecting flask to make sure your cold-brew coffee is precisely the way you want it.

Mico-Ice Pro Tips:
– Use a coffee to ice ratio of about 1:10 to 1:12. Tweak to your own taste and the type of coffee bean and grind size.
– Leaving the dripped coffee in the fridge to steep overnight or even longer may result in an evolved flavour profile. Experiment and see which you prefer.
– Remember to have fun! Enjoy the process of finding your favourite combination and perfecting your cold brew coffee. That is the spirit of Simple Lab.

• 600ml ice chamber, 400 ml lower chamber
• 2x filters for better extraction
• Stable design – detacheable one-body design offers better handling and stability so you can focus on pouring
• Easy cleaning – no dead corners and removable components
• Residue/powder is part of the manufacturing process and is non-toxic. Wash before first use.

*Usage Instructions*
1. load ground coffee powder into top chamber
2. place stainless steel filter over coffee
3. add ice cubes
4. cover the chamber with the lid
5. wait till the last drop of coffee is collected
6. remove the top chamber. Your ice-drip coffee is now ready to serve!




10.5 x 10.5 x 28cm




High borosilicate glass, silicone rubber, stainless steel, natural wood


Comes with:
Glass container x1,
Glass Ice chamber x1,
Silicone rubber filter x1,
Stainless upper filter x1,
Stainless lower filter x1,
Wood cap x1

Wash before using
Not intended for children
Marble pattern of silicone is unique to each piece and will differ from image