Mico Drip Brew Coffee Set


Simple Lab Experience combines modern Scandi aesthetic with scientific laboratory apparatus shapes to bring you Mico. Distill that perfect brew with your favourite beans as you waft in that aroma – there’s nothing hazardous about that smell!

• Stable design – detacheable one-body design offers better handling and stability so you can focus on pouring

• Easy cleaning – no dead corners!

Residue/powder is part of the manufacturing process and is non-toxic. Wash before first use.

Filter paper not included.

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10.5 cm × 10.5 cm × 24 cm


0.45 kg


500 ml


High borosilicate glass, Food grade silicone rubber


Comes with:
High borosilicate glass pot x1,
High borosilicate glass funnel x1,
Silicone rubber filter x1

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