Losin Ceramic Mug


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Losin Island, in Thailand’s Pattani province, is home to the majestic whale shark. However, the integrity of Losin Island’s marine ecosystem is being threatened by human activity, such as littering and unsustainable fishing practices, and the whale shark is in danger of becoming extinct.

The Losin ceramic teacup is a collaboration between Qualy Design and Benjametha Ceramic. This teacup is hand sculpted by Pattani locals, using clay from the region, and adorned with a whale shark ornament made from local recycled fishing nets.

A harmonious combination of two extremely different things: craft with industry; natural materials with synthetic materials. The two designers come together from very different experiences, but with the same beliefs – all things can live together if there is respect for each other, responsibility for oneself and their surroundings.

This cup is designed to mimic a fragment of the sea in our hands. The whale shark on the cup is a symbol of respect and responsibility towards the nature of the local people. Every time you sip tea or coffee from this cup you are encouraged to be mindful of the Southern Sea’s peace, community, and beauty.

• Collaborative design between Qualy Design and Benjametha Ceramic
• Made using clay and recycled plastic
• 100% recyclable
• Capacity 200ml

mrphy Qualy Losin Ceramic Mug
mrphy Qualy Losin Ceramic Mug
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10.5 x 9.5 x 7cm






Recycled Plastic from discarded fishing nets, Clay


White, Black