Kung-Fu on-the-go Tea Set


Bring that lab with you. Kung-Fu is a handy tea set that allows you to dive into the mood of tea tasting anywhere at any time. Unravel the included tea towel to set the field and you’re ready for a hassle-free tea time.

• Golden size – one brew for exactly one cup, in a volume of 200 mL, perfect for taste control.

• Smart heat resistance – the handling area of the flask is kept at a comfortable temperature due to the smart design of the filter.

• Silicone filter – food grade silicone filter keeps your tea leaves or infusion in while letting your beverage out.

• Drip-free – high-quality borosilicate glass rim with a drip-free design to provide you with a clean pouring experience.

Residue/powder is part of the manufacturing process and is non-toxic. Wash before first use.

Out of stock


8 cm × 8 cm × 14.5 cm


0.287 kg


High borosilicate glass, Food grade silicone rubber


Comes with:
Mini flask pot x1,
Glass core x1,
Glass cup/cap x1,
Silicone rubber filter x1,
Tea towel x1,
Travel bag x1

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