huggu set – Chair + Footstool + Cushion


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Give yourself the feeling of a hug all over your body with the huggu set, consisting of the Senchaise hugging chair, the Doraya Footstool, and the Mochi Cushion. Buy all three and save $125.



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huggu set

Chair + Footstool + Cushion


The huggu set is a collection of three products designed to promote calm and reduce anxiety. The Senchaise – hugging chair, The Mochi Cushion, and The Doraya Footstool all apply pressure and sensory therapy principles to provide gentle stimulation that can help to soothe the body and mind.
The Senchaise is a chair you take refuge in, from the stresses and anxieties of modern living. Designed using principles from pressure and sensory therapy, the Senchaise promotes the production of hormones that are linked to mental health and wellbeing. Sink into the Senchaise for twenty minutes or more to help wind down.



The Mochi is a minimalist yet adorable cushion that is specially designed to hug you back. Slip your arms into the mochi’s centre to help relax.
The Mochi can also be used as back cushion or headrest.


The Doraya is a delightful footstool, inspired by pancakes filled with red bean paste. Slip your feet snugly into the Doraya to help unwind. 
Flip the Doraya on its side to use it as a regular footstool, or even to sit on.

Unlike bulky therapy devices, the huggu set is designed to be furniture, to fit into your home without sticking out or taking up precious space.







We offer Speco® antiviral coating as an add-on to our bean bag orders. This durable coating can help protect your bean bag from viruses, bacteria and mould, making it a good choice for families with young children or people with compromised immune systems.

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Whole Chair (88 x 80 x98cm), The Doraya Footstool (43 x 35 x 31cm), The Mochi Cushion (32 x 30 x 18.5cm)

Volume | Capacity

Whole Chair (103 litres), The Doraya Footstool (43 litres), The Mochi Cushion (12 litres)


Whole Chair (12.65kg), The Doraya Footstool (1.56kg), The Mochi Cushion (0.61kg)


STREXX™ stretch fabric


Sakura, Kiri, Suiseki, Kuro, Kasumi


Made in Singapore, Dooble-layered, Kid-safe Features, Easy to Clean, One-year Guarantee, Free Delivery


Cleaning: Remove inserts before washing covers. Wash separately and line dry. Do not tumble dry.