the doobsta’ and d-spot bundle – macaron series rayon bean bag and touch-activated lamp


A bundle of pastel!

One doobsta’ Macaron series bean bag

One d-Spot touch-activated lamp

Get your Pastel on with this awesome bundle, and get half price off the d-Spot lamp!

Mrphy doob Bean Bags doobsta' rayon fabric bean bag
Mrphy doob Bean Bags doobsta' rayon fabric bean bag
Mrphy doob Bean Bags doobsta' rayon fabric bean bag
Mrphy doob Bean Bags doobsta' rayon fabric bean bag
Mrphy doob Bean Bags doobsta' rayon fabric bean bag
Mrphy doob Bean Bags doobsta' rayon fabric bean bag
Mrphy doob Bean Bags doobsta' rayon fabric bean bag
Mrphy doob Bean Bags doobsta' rayon fabric bean bag
Mrphy doob Bean Bags doobsta' rayon fabric bean bag
doob living things d-spot touch-activated lamp

Upgrade to SPRINGFLUX™ Filling

doob Bean Bags come filled with doob pellets made from higher density EPS. By upgrading to SPRINGFLUX Filling, your doob will be filled with a custom blend of EPS and EPP that makes your doob last even longer before having to top up while staying soft and comfy.


Touch-Activated Lamp


Con your friends into thinking you have magic powers.

Scientific research has shown that plants thrive when talked to, cute baby mammals respond favourably to touch, and lamps provide illumination in the dark. By applying top secret magical gene recombinant splicing techniques, the not-entirely crazy scientists at doob® have managed to come up with a revolutionary lamp that gets turned on by human touch.

The doob® d-Spot lamp is activated by skin contact with any part of the brushed-steel aluminum lamp stand. Touch to switch on and again to cycle through three levels of brightness. Ideal as a bedside lamp or nightlight. No more fumbling for the switch in the dark because there’s NO switch.

Get the d-Spot – because your bulb deserves better.

  1. Due to the incompatibility of most energy-saving bulbs with dimmers, you may only achieve a single level of brightness if an energy-saving bulb is used with the d-spot lamp.
  2. The colour of the illuminated lamp will differ, depending on the type of bulb used. For example, some bulbs are whiter and some are yellower.
GOOD FORbeing a night light
being a bedside lamp
being a table lamp
matching fabric or brushed metal home and living accessories and furniture

being a disco strobe light

Due to colours onscreen appearing differently due to varying monitor settings, product colours on our website may vary slightly in shade from the actual product.




Versatile Fabric Bean Bag


Simple in design, yet amazing in how many ways you can use it, the doobsta’ is one helluva fabric bean bag. Lie it flat and it becomes a mattress, prop it on its side and it becomes a recliner – use your imagination, or our gallery. Have some me-time playing your favourite game, reading that latest novel, or snuggle with your loved ones; the doobsta can do it all. The doobsta’ is additionally easy to stash away, when you want that extra space in your pad, but why would you want that extra space when you have a doobsta’?

The doobsta’ comes in three sizes and each doobsta’ comes with an inner durable fabric bag and a removable outer cover which you can wash, or change, with your mood. Now in a pastel macaron series to match your scandi stuff!

The doobsta’ – mean and bean.


doob Cover Measurements1.6 x 1.1m1.4 x 1.1m1.2 x 1.0m
Max Floor Area in Mattress Position1.6 x 1.1m1.4 x 1.1m1.2 x 1.0m
Volume / Capacity350 litres280 litres200 litres


OUTER COVERTetoron™-Rayon (machine-washable)
INNER BAGPolyester – Cotton
OTHERSYKK Zippers; Child-proof zip for inner bag

Want something more spill-proof? Get a plopsta’ or a Soopadoopa.




machine wash





Watch the video below for ideas on how to use the doobsta’ or come up with your own



Normal bean bag beans are made from EPS. doob Bean Bag pellets are made from higher density (up to 1.5 times denser!) EPS that lasts longer.
For an even longer lifespan, opt for a higher quality beanbag filler with a composite of EPP pellets that dramatically increases the lifespan of the bean bag, while retaining sufficient higher density EPS to keep the bean bag soft and easy to sink into. Avoid the hassle of topping up and save money in the long run!
Generic Beans*doob PelletsSPRINGFLUX™ Filling
Time before top-up is required#3 months6 – 12 months12 – 24 months
Density (g/L)913 ± 115.5 ± 1.5

# – Approximation based on normal use of average frequency (10 hours a week), by a person of average weight; individual results may vary. Time before top-up is expected to reduce with increase in frequency of use.

* – Based on a beans supplier in Singapore



doobsta' Dimensions

Max floor area in mattress position:
Large (1.6 x 1.1m), Medium (1.4 x 1.1m), Small (1.2 x 1.0m)

Cover measurements:
Large (1.6 x 1.1m), Medium (1.4 x 1.1m), Small (1.2 x 1.0m)

doobsta' Volume | Capacity

Large (350 litres), Medium (280 litres), Small (200 litres)

doobsta' Material

Outer Cover (Tetoron™-Rayon), Inner Bag (Polyester – Cotton)

doobsta' Colour

Blueberry (blue), Lychee (pink), Pistachio (green), Lavender (purple and grey), Peppermint (green and grey), Sesame (light grey and grey), Bubblegum (blue and pink), Guava (pink and green), taro (pink and purple)

d-spot Dimensions

0.13 x 0.13 x 0.29m

d spot Colour



Made in Singapore, Dooble-layered, Kid-safe Features, Easy to Clean, One-year Guarantee, Free Delivery