doobly googly eyes


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doobly googly eyes – give life to mundane objects!

1 pair of doobly eyes (5cm diameter)

1 pair of 3M™ removable adhesive strips



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Bring life to an outing, by bringing life to inanimate objects! Stick your doobly eyes on your fridge door, or your mail box, and find cheer during your daily routine! Stick it on your Roomba™ for laughs and see it scurry around like a pet!  Stick it on a billboard* and share your joy with everybody! Just make sure you use the non permanent sticky stuff, like blu-tac™ or the 3M™ tape that we threw in.

Do share your doobly adventures with us! Use the hashtag #dooblyeyes and take an instagram of your masterpiece. Tag us at @doobbeanbags… We can’t wait to see them! @@

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*use your discretion! Use doobly eyes on others’ property only when you know they have a sense of humour!