d-Spot Touch-Activated Lamp by doob


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doob living things d-spot touch-activated lamp

Con your friends into thinking you have magic powers.

Scientific research has shown that plants thrive when talked to, cute baby mammals respond favourably to touch, and lamps provide illumination in the dark. By applying top secret magical gene recombinant splicing techniques, the not-entirely crazy scientists at doob® have managed to come up with a revolutionary lamp that gets turned on by human touch.

The doob® d-Spot lamp is activated by skin contact with any part of the brushed-steel aluminum lamp stand. Touch to switch on and again to cycle through three levels of brightness. Ideal as a bedside lamp or nightlight. No more fumbling for the switch in the dark because there’s NO switch.

Get the d-Spot – because your bulb deserves better.


Due to the incompatibility of most energy-saving bulbs with dimmers, you may only achieve a single level of brightness if an energy-saving bulb is used with the d-spot lamp.
The colour of the illuminated lamp will differ, depending on the type of bulb used. For example, some bulbs are whiter and some are yellower.
Good For:

being a night light
being a bedside lamp
being a table lamp
matching fabric or brushed metal home and living accessories and furniture

Not Good For:

being a disco strobe light

Due to colours onscreen appearing differently due to varying monitor settings, product colours on our website may vary slightly in shade from the actual product.

– E14 bulb, max 40W


13 cm x 13 cm x 29.5 cm


0.3 kg



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