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Coffee Bin Bundle

$83.70 $69.90

This Coffee Bin Bundle consists of one Coffee Bin, one Mini Coffee Bin and one Micro Coffee Bin.


About the Coffee Bin and Mini Coffee Bin

Perk up your home or office with this extra-venti andcute grande coffee cup! Perfect for coffee lovers, this bin will keep your waste tidy, while the flip lid will keep odours from escaping but still make throwing things away hassle-free. Available in green and brown.

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About the Micro Coffee Bin

Don’t like the look of a bin on your desk or in your car? The Micro Coffee Bin is perfect for you, concealing your waste while making your work area look spic and span. The Micro Coffee Bin is designed to fit into most cup holders, making it great for cars as well. Just don’t let your passengers take a sip from it!

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Brown, Green, White


Coffee Bin : Ø24.67 x 33.75cm, Mini Coffee Bin : Ø15.6 cm x 21.5 cm, Micro Coffee Bin: Ø9.5 cm x 17.7 cm


Coffee Bin : 0.75 kg, Mini Coffee Bin : 0.35 kg, Micro Coffee Bin : 0.17 kg