Indoor Bean Bags

Bean bags are the french fries of indoor furniture. Unpretentious, you probably won’t find them in a fine dining restaurant. But bean bags, like french fries, provide comfort and enjoyment and a great way to unwind. A posh sofa or armchair might be in your home because you’re obliged to, but a bean bag will always be there by choice.

French fries come in all sizes and qualities, and so do bean bags. Here in mrphy, we sell only the best quality bean bags and in various sizes and styles. Take advantage of the resurgence of retro chic in fashion and interior design, and get a bean bag that feels at home, whether you’re into Art Deco, Mid Century Modern, or College Chic. mrphy has bean bags that are easier to maintain, with removable covers, and some can even be machine-washed.

There’s always a time for comfort food. There’s always a place for bean bags.

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