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2019 OMMO Singapore Scadinavian design for kitchen and dining

If you haven’t heard, award-winning Scandinavian design brand OMMO is joining the mrphy family!

Inspired by the contrast of urban life and nature and East and West, OMMO seeks to mix the best of these elements into the soul and form of their products.

Let’s have a look at some of their beautiful-yet-functional products on our catalogue.

2019 OMMO Singapore Scandinavian Brand award-winning tea infuser kitchen dining tea snack

You may initially think this looks like a doughnut, but it’s so much better (ok, we’ll concede that a doughnut is yummier)!

The Torus is a stainless steel and food-safe silicone tea leaf infuser that is a ring when not in use and twists out to function as an infuser that hooks onto the lip of your mug. No more awkward and unwieldy tea infusers that don’t stay in place in your cup or pot.

The Torus comes in a set of 3 infusers and a stand that can also be used to store tea leaves or sugar neatly. Each ‘doughnut’ is also available for purchase separately.

2019 OMMO Singapore brand scandinavian design for kitchen and dining hoop serving bowl award-winning design

If you’re sick and tired of using multiple bowls for serving tidbits, dips and collecting food waste, then the Hoop is for you. This serving bowl is an elegant solution to do all of the above - all in one aesthetic container.

The modular design features a circular dish where you can put your snacks, chips, fruit and other shared food.

This dish rests on a container which you can use to dispose of seeds, peel, and other food waste while eating. Alternatively, use the container for long-ish items such as carrot or breadsticks.

The centre column also holds a dish for sauce, dip, or toothpicks. Use it in any way you like!

2019 OMMO Singapore brand Scandinavian design for kitchen and dining loft everyday bowl and server set

The Loft is an understated yet functional bowl that you can use for food preparation as well as serving.

The weighted base has a non-slip silicone grip that allows you to toss your salad or mix your dough without the bowl moving around. Visit us to try it for yourself - you’d be hard-pressed to find a sturdier bowl.

The set comes with a pair of servers that beautifully complement the Loft.

2019 OMMO singapore scandinavian design for kitchen and dining Lasso and Flip trivet
We all love beautiful trivets, but they’re a little troublesome to store when not in use. With the Flip and Lasso trivets, a key consideration is how it helps save space when not laid out on your dining table. The award-winning and patented Flip rolls up with a satisfying magnetic clasp to save on storage space and unrolls out in a minimalist scandi aesthetic. The Lasso is a trivet designed to grip both the table and crockery. When not in use, the trivet twists and clamps shut in a simple but elegant way to minimise storage space. Both trivets are made from food-safe silicone and are resistant to high temperatures.

Kitchen tools may not be the most exciting think about, but OMMO’s Tools will definitely wow you with their clean and modern looks. This head-turning kitchen tool set comprises a ladle, spoon, tongs, spatula and a cutlery holder, but each item can also be purchased separately.

Made of sturdy PA+GF nylon, they are exceptionally durable and can withstand high cooking temperatures of up to 250°C, and are also safe to use with non-stick cookware.

Their ergonomic form factor makes them comfortable to use, and their chic aesthetics allow them to blend in with a modern, contemporary or scandi interior.

The cutlery holder that comes in the set is easy-to-clean, with holes for drainage, and can also be used to store all kinds of kitchen tools right after washing.

OMMO Singapore scandinavian design colander and serving bowl for kitchen and dining
Not unlike the Hoop serving bowl, the Diga aims to help reduce the need to use multiple bowls and plates. This multi-purpose bowl works equally well in the kitchen as well as at the dining table, allowing for washing, draining and serving - all in a single dish! The magic is in the knob at the bottom that turns to drain out water when washing vegetables. When it’s closed, the bowl can be used to serve fruits or salad right after washing, without the need to transfer them to another bowl!
Discover more innovative products from OMMO today on mrphy.

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