NYLON’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019


NYLON’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

"‘Tis the season to be jolly — and generous AF. So with the festive season just around the corner, we’re feeling in the mood to dish out… proper gift recommendations! Whether it’s your “influencer” friend who’s always making you go to great lengths for that oh-so-casual picture, the eco-warrior who’ll rage at your disposable coffee cup, or your favourite “quarter-life crisis” millennial who mutters ‘OK boomer’ under their passive-aggressive breaths — or hey, even that one colleague you drew for Secret Santa that you’ve never spoken to in your life — we’ve sussed out the perfect gifts for your friend, family, or significant other."

This is Home, Truly

"When shopping for Christmas gifts, you don’t usually think of adjectives like practical and useful. But instead of getting caught up in strict lists, we’ve rounded up an assortment of homeware accessories that demonstrate how overlooked furniture accents such as marble vases and portable speakers can transform one’s home."



To avoid being classified as a horrible gifter (yes, they do exist), forget useless ornaments and think practical. We’re talking the pinnacle of furniture design! What better way to ring in the holidays with a luxurious bean bag perfect for lounging and engineered for superior comfort? The SoftRock Living Bean Bag Recliner is one for the long haul."

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Eat, Drink, And Be Merry

"No one says no to food. (Except sometimes mom… who we know is secretly watching her weight.) We’ve trawled through the ever-crowded sea of food gift ideas to bring you our curated recommendations — some expected, some not so expected — for your shopping convenience. We know what you’re thinking: Sushi and fashion? Yes, sushi! Justification: Comes in delectable pouches and adorable packaging."



You can’t go wrong with a practical, kitchenware item that is convenient yet sleek. This ceramic grinder even has six settings from super fine to coarse, perfect for all spices. Convenience comes through with being dishwasher safe and being super easy to fill up. All we see are wins."

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Quarter Life Crisis

"Come ye and gather ’round, all fellow strawberries and snowflakes, the flaky job-hoppers who can never be content, the narcissists who’ve made taking selfies an actual source of income, the generation who needs attention and love all the time. Heck, let us raise a glass to the supremely Entitled. Just like in RENT‘s “La Vie Boheme”, we’re embracing all that, but not without one smart-ass comeback: OK boomer. Millennials get blamed for everything, from the failure of shopping malls, IRL dating and proper words (not another acronym!), to the slow death of print magazines — aha, this gets personal. Trust us, the struggle is real. We get it. But millennials are also a generation that’s inspiring much-need change, whether it’s demanding for body positivity and inclusivity in the media we consume, or being #woke and bold enough to call out what isn’t right. With class and humour, of course. For that proud millennial you know, it’s time you give out the participation awards:"



Some days get you down. Pile on a boomer’s disparaging comments and things feel impossible. We’re here to tell you that there’s nothing a cup of good tea can’t solve. The Kung-Fu happens to be a handy tea set that you can whip out any time you need a “calm-the-F-down” moment to yourself, with smart heat resistance and a food-grade silicone filter that keeps your tea leaves out of that personal cup, designed for one. You can’t taichi away your problems, but you’ll feel ready to take them on after this."

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Save The World

"Is it really possible to save the world? This noble crusader will try, because the world isn’t completely lost. Not just yet. We can’t all reach Greta Thunberg levels of sustainable piety — I mean, she travels by boat — but we can too scream at the plastic bag-touting dissenters with a passion, because HOW DARE YOU.

You see, climate change is real, and global warming is ever-looming; you don’t need Al Gore to tell you that. Reusable straws, cups and bags are so necessary, but also pretty common by now, just, you know, don’t get 10 metal straws because what’s the point then? Here, we’re celebrating a more well-rounded approach to sustainability, where finally, fashion has caught on. From recycled plastic and vegan leather, to less wasteful production processes, even cultural preservation, these are things a modern eco-warrior can appreciate. And yes, it’s okay if you’re tempted to get something for yourself too. "



Happily host a Christmas dinner, while also reminding guests of the grim reality of global warming — just a gentle nudge though! This ingenious design allows melted ice to drip to the bottom of the bucket, which suggests rising water levels and a disappearing habitat for the poor polar bear below. Before it gets too upsetting, just know that there are practical upsides to the drainage system on this ice bucket: it ensures that the remaining ice melts slower, and that the ice above gets easily picked up."

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