New Arrivals: doob – Heritage Collection

New Arrivals: doob – Heritage Collection


Unveiling the essence of Singapore's heritage - doob's newest bean bag collection features Singapore-themed design prints on its bean bags.

Dive into the captivating history behind these design motifs, inspired by beloved Singaporean icons. These carefully chosen symbols also represent Singapore as a vibrant cultural melting pot, with Shophouses reflecting its colonial past and Peranakan tiles symbolising the harmonious fusion of Chinese and Malay traditions. In the spirit of collaboration and supporting local, we have also teamed up with Hock Seng Pau to create a design that celebrates their rich culinary heritage.

Let these cherished icons narrate the tale of Singapore's dynamic history and embrace a piece of its heritage in your home with these exquisite bean bags.


Dragon Playground

The Dragon Playground in Toa Payoh is a beloved superstar in Singapore, capturing the hearts of kids, families, and even tourists. Built in 1979 during a period of rapid development, it symbolises Singapore’s optimism and progress, while also holding cherished memories for those who grew up playing there in the 80s and 90s, fostering friendships and a sense of independence.



Peranakan tiles are a symbol of Singapore’s cultural awesomeness, representing the fusion of Chinese and Malay traditions in the Peranakan community. They are a testament to the beauty and craftsmanship of Peranakan art and design.



Shophouses are a unique and important part of Singapore’s heritage. They are a blend of Chinese, Malay, and European architectural styles, and they reflect the rich cultural history of Singapore.The Shophouses design captures the charm of these buildings, preserving their timeless beauty for generations to come.


Pau (doob x Hock Seng Pau)

Pau is an awesome steamed bun filled with all sorts of tasty stuff like chicken, pork, or veggies. In Singapore, it’s not just a snack, but a meal option that brings back childhood memories and reminds us of those special family get-togethers.

Hock Seng Pau has been the master of pau-making since way back in 1973! Their pau creations are like legendary icons in Singapore’s food culture, and doob is super stoked to team up with Hock Seng Pau for a print that celebrates the sheer beauty and deliciousness of their pau. It’s our mouthwatering tribute to their culinary heritage.

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