New Arrival: Home and Decor Accessories from Peleg Design

New Arrival: Home and Decor Accessories from Peleg Design


We are delighted to introduce an enchanting assortment of novel home decor accessories from Peleg Design. These accessories have been meticulously crafted to elevate your everyday experiences, covering a wide spectrum from essential kitchenware to bicycle accessories that can seamlessly match your unique style, interior decor, or kitchen aesthetics. They are sure to ignite engaging conversations!

Among the latest additions are the TriveTile, a versatile 3-in-1 split trivet for all your cooking needs, the Pelicup Tea Bag Holder, a convenient solution for keeping your tea bags secure in your cup, the Pickitty Toothpick Dispenser, a handy aid for those awkward post-meal food remnants between your teeth, and the RecorDING Bicycle Bell, designed to alert pedestrians to make way. These fresh arrivals also make exceptional Christmas gifts this year, so we highly recommend getting a head start on your gift shopping to avoid any last-minute rush!

Let's now explore these innovative new home decor Singapore accessories.


TriveTile – 3 in 1 Split Trivet

Turn your kitchen into a trivetopia with the TriveTile - 3 in 1 Split Trivet! This retro tile-shaped trivet can be split into three sub-trivets, providing support for up to three dishes or pots simultaneously. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling hot plates and hello to a kitchen sidekick that's both practical and a tile-rrific conversation starter at your next dinner party!


Pelicup Tea Bag Holder

Who wouldn’t want an adorable multi-functioning bird perching in their home?

This cute little pelican has a long beak for holding your tea bag as it steeps, while the back pocket doubles up as a tea bag holder for before and after use. You can even house a cookie ready to dunk into your glass of warm tea. Get the Pelicup Tea Bag Holder!


Pickitty Toothpick Dispenser

This toothpick dispenser will make you smile from ear to ear! Shaped like a charming cat with toothpicks peeking out through its toothy grin, it's the purrfect blend of function and whimsy.

With Pickitty, toothpicks are always at paw's reach, ensuring that you keep your smile as impeccable as the mischievous grin on Pickitty's feline face.


RecorDING Bicycle Bell

Retro-loving cyclists - get ready to set a new record!

Want to jazz up your bike with a new accessory? RecorDING is the coolest bicycle bell around. With two adapters included, it can fit a variety of handlebars and makes the perfect gift for any bicycle lover, or record lover.