mrphy’s Mother’s Day gift guide for all types of mums


Mother’s Day is coming, and we understand that it can be a difficult process thinking about suitable gifts for mum.

When choosing a gift, it always helps if you know what kind of person your recipient is. As such, we’ve identified a list of mummy types to help you figure it out!

Read on to discover the perfect gift for your mum, and get a 15% discount on all featured items!


Career mum

Career mums are task-oriented and focused on the work at hand. A little more organisation can help them a lot with their work (although we wouldn’t really encourage them to work on Mother’s Day).

Wholly crafted from solid maple wood, the Tofu Stationery Set is a desk organiser that comes with six minimalistic cubes, with a place for all of mum’s stationery.

Tofu Stationery Set by Pana Objects


Have a mum who seeks minimalism and tidiness above all else? Look no further than the Zen Tissue Box and Desk Organiser.

This sleek organiser can help spark joy for mum as it helps her organise her desk or coffee table with a tray and a holder for pens or remotes. Best of all, she can also hide those tissue boxes that almost always fail to match any home interior.

Zen Tissue Box and Desk Organiser by Woodberg

Gourmet mum

Mums have this thing about whipping up dishes that really speak to our hearts. And if your mum’s as much a chef as you’re a foodie, then how about a sleek kitchen accessory to help make her life better?

And with garlic being a staple in most cuisines, the Garject Garlic Press Scrape Eject will definitely appeal to the gourmet geek mum. It presses unpeeled garlic, scraping itself clean and ejecting the peel - all the while keeping mum’s hands-free of any lingering garlic smells.

Garject Garlic Press Scrape Eject by Dreamfarm

High tea mum

Is mum a tea lover with loads of different types of tea at home?

Help bring some order to the chaos with this Tea House Tea Bag Dispenser. Mum can stack her tea bags into this cute little home within her home and have them easy to grab when she’s ready for a nice cuppa.

Tea House Tea Bag Dispenser by OTOTO Design

Gadget mum

Gadget mums love their tech toys, but having all these gadgets lying around can create quite a mess.

With the Sila Tablet Stand and Sila Smart Phone Stand, mum’s devices can be organised, and they can also match her beautiful home decor. She’ll also be able to use them hands-free when referring to a recipe or simply Netflix and chilling (not what you think).

Sila Tablet Stand and Sila Smart Phone Stand by Pana Objects

Gardening mum

Does mum have green fingers? We may have the right gift for her this Mother’s Day.

The Hill Pot is specially designed to have a water reservoir integrated into its form. This allows mum’s thirsty plant to stay hydrated, requiring less frequent top-ups of water.

The Hill Pot features neutral colours and is perfect for mum’s Scandi or minimalist home interior.

Hill Pot by Qualy Design

Stress relief mum

Being a parent - especially a mum - is probably the toughest job in the world. So why not give her some relaxing, loving care this Mother’s Day?

We’ve got a fantastic oomph and tootsie bundle – spill-proof bean bag chair with ottoman/footrest from doob that’s easily one of the most comfortable bean bags your mum will ever experience. The best part about this is that doob is having an extra 15% discount on all bean bag bundles!

The oomph and tootsie bundle – spill-proof bean bag chair with ottoman/footrest by doob Bean Bags

Fashionista mum

Does mum love taking care of her looks? Our Summer Sunset Mirror and Accessory Tray will make a perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day.

Inspired by the sunlight reflected off the ripples in a lake, mum can use the mirror to prep for a night out, and the tray to hold her makeup, accessories, or essentials.

Summer Sunset Mirror and Accessory Tray by Moreover
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