mrphy’s guide to spending a more meaningful Valentine’s Day with your partner

mrphy’s guide to spending a more meaningful Valentine’s Day with your partner


Valentine’s Day usually evokes images of flowers, romantic dining, and maybe a trip to the movies.

Those options are probably well and good for first dates, but these activities can be a little stale for some of you who’ve been together for some time. Not to mention the crowds and “special Valentine’s Day menus” at restaurants that wish to cash in on this occasion (can’t blame them though).

So instead, why not make some alternative plans for yourself and your loved one or loved ones this Valentine’s Day? We’ve some suggestions that you may like, so let’s have a look!


Whip up something together in the kitchen

You know what they say: a couple who cooks (or bakes) together, stays together.

You can also play dress-up in the kitchen (with an apron) and bond over creating a delicious meal. Trust us, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labour a lot more this way!


And of course, getting help from kitchen tools can help in the process too, making the whole process even more enjoyable.

Ensure your portions are correct with the Levups measuring cups. A successful meal starts with getting your measurements right.

Another kitchen essential is a good mixing bowl. Here, the versatile Loft Everyday Bowl and Server Set is excellent for preparing salad - and it can double up as a serving bowl.

And just because it’s Valentine’s Day, we’d recommend the Sweet Heart Strawberry Cutter. It’s perfect for lovely strawberry desserts or salads and matches the theme of the day.

If you want to up the romance factor, then check out this Magnetic Vase Set or Bloom Napkin Holder Set that will bring a breathtaking effect to your dining table. Just remember to get flowers!


Netflix and Chill

Take a break after your hard work in the kitchen by cozying up together, and binge-watch your favourite shows. Or you could just “Netflix and chill”… if you know what we mean :)


Whatever you decide to do, snacks are pretty much a staple when staying home.

Open up those delicious tidbits with the Bag Bunny Package Opener, and serve them in the Hoop Serving Bowl. It’s super convenient as the Hoop can hold your snacks, dips and food waste all in one beautiful container.

And of course, finally, chill your butt out on a doob plopsta’! It’s super comfortable and big enough for the both of you to snuggle up together while doing whatever you’re doing!


The boycott Valentine’s Day picnic

Not a fan of Valentine’s Day? Well then get some like-minded friends together and have an anti-Valentine’s Day party!


Whip out that Patatto Table and Chair Set and go on a picnic! The Patatto will ensure that your butts are clean and you’re comfortable in a seat instead of sprawling over the grass.

Pack your meal with the intelligently-designed Noon Bento Box. It’s a 2-compartment box that’s ideal for your mains and a side dish or appetiser.

And if you’re thinking about bringing out some jam or sauce, make sure you take the Splatypus Jar Scraper Spatula along with you. It’s the worst thing to find yourself with a spoon that doesn’t fit into the bottom of the jar to help scrape out that last bit of goodness. The Splatypus will help you do just that so you can enjoy every last drop of your jam or sauce.



What better way to low key show off your nurturing side to your partner, than to help foster a rescued pet? Animals need love too, and visiting a shelter on Valentine's Day is guaranteed to make it special and meaningful all around! Who knows, you might just find the one. The other "the one", we mean. With that, you might find the Mighty Dog poop bag dispenser mighty cool and useful, or the Wuff n' Go portable dog dish practical and space-saving.


Animals not your thing? Adopt a pet plant and nurture it together, with the Care-It self-watering device to help. Watch your love grow, while you watch your love plant grow.

We’ve got so much more goodies in our store that can help you stretch your creativity when planning for Valentine’s Day! Check out our full catalogue at today!


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