Making the GSS Great Again!

As some of you may know, the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is now on and we don’t want you to lose out on potential savings. Here are some of our best deals that are sure to help up your home decor game this GSS.

The Behemoth - Bean Bag Couch

SoftRock Living

Who said a bean bag has to look like a blob on the floor? Dressed in leather-print upholstery all around, the Behemoth shows that there’s room for class and elegance when it comes to bean bags.

Get $100 off when you take this modern contemporary look back into your home this GSS from


The plopsta’ - Versatile Spill-proof Bean Bag

doob Bean Bags

Ok, maybe an all-leather bean bag doesn’t match your home or office decor? Not to worry, we also have that blob we were talking about earlier - a pretty darn comfortable and versatile one at that.

The oomph spill-proof bean bag chair made in Singapore home furniture living room
The plopsta spill-proof bean bag chair made in Singapore home furniture

The plopsta’ is a best seller and features water resistant fabric and is pet-friendly. It also comes in 23 fun colour options and two different sizes.

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Dreamfarm’s Set of the Best Kitchen Tools (Party Mix)


This set of kitchen tools from Aussie inventors Dreamfarm comprises of everyday favourites such as a spadle, a holey spadle, a chopula, a supoon and a mini supoon.


Ok, what in the world are those “kitchen favourites”? Let us explain.

Spadle - large scraping spoon that turns into a ladle
Holey Spadle - slotted spoon/ladle and pasta server
Chopula - flexible spatula that chops food too
Supoon - silicone scraping spoon with measuring indicators
Mini supoon - silicone spoon perfect for scraping every last bit of nutella from the jar

So, as you can tell, this is an incredible useful set kitchen tools to get you started on your Masterchef journey. The Set of the Best is also beautifully presented, and makes the perfect gift.

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Early Bird Accessory and Envelope Holder


If you’re the sort who can’t keep daily items such as keys and letters in a proper place, the Early Bird is your life saver. No more misplacing your keys or important letters - the Early Bird keeps things tidy and simple, and it also looks great as table or wall ornaments.

Get your cheap cheep birdies this GSS from at 20% off.


Shady Wall Clock

Pana Objects

There’s something about wall clocks that stands out from the rest of your home furnishing. Just like Shady here, with its beautifully calculated surface that reflects the timeless beauty of wood grains. A perfect decorative centrepiece for your home, Shady is crafted from solid maple or walnut wood.

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Cactrash Bin

Qualy Design

If you like quirky items at home, you’ll like the Cactrash bin. Keep your trash out of sight with the tall cactus lid, which acts as a handle so you won’t have to get your hands dirty.

But that’s not all!


Push the cactus plant down into the bin and you’ll be able to flatten your garbage, so you can throw even more garbage into the “pot” without having to clear your bin oh so often.

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Nessie Family - Family Pack

OTOTO Design

We don’t want to go on and on, so for the final item on this list, we have a cute family of monsters that are begging for a place in your kitchen.

Mrphy OTOTO Design Nessie Family ladle tea infuser spoon green purple turquoise swim soup pasta kitchen utensils
The Nessie family comprises of:
Mamma Nessie - colander spoon
Nessie - ladle
Baby Nessie - tea infuser

They’re ready to dive into your cooking and pop out of your pot to help you serve your soups, pastas and vegetables. And you can finish off all that with a hot cup of tea.

What are you waiting for? Take $22 off when you get the Nessie family from today.


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