Kon-mrphy – Spark joy with these organisers

Kon-mrphy – Spark joy with these organisers


There’s nothing quite like discovering your inner Marie Kondo and talking to your possessions while chucking them out of your home, eh? If you’ve plucked up enough courage to try out her KonMari method of tidying up, then you'll also appreciate the role that boxes, containers and trays play in keeping organised! So don’t worry, we’ve the things you need that’ll help spark joy in you!


Bob the Storage Box

Love the idea of aesthetically pleasing building blocks that double up as storage boxes? Then you’ll love Bob the Storage Box! Use Bob to maintain a constructive, minimalist look on your desk for those small annoying items you want to keep hidden.

Bob the Storage Box by Pana Objects

Qualy - Block 20 and 30 Recycling Bins

Block 20 and 30 Recycling Bins

There’s no better time to start recycling than when you’re throwing out old glass, paper and plastic items, especially when our Block 20 and 30 Recycling Bins help make it easy and convenient. And they’re stackable and square-shaped, so you can save precious space at home.

Block 20 and 30 Recycling Bins by Qualy Design

Also available in bundle

Block 20 and 30 Recycling Bin Bundle


Tofu Stationery Set

Tofu tastes good, is extremely healthy, and also helps organise your stationery (we know some of you still use those things called pencils). Just like Bob the Storage Box, the Tofu Stationery Set will appeal to building block lovers while keeping your desk neat and tidy, and your stationery arm’s length.

Tofu Stationery Set by Pana Objects


Check out these and more awesome organisers and bins today and let us help fuel your life-changing magic of tidying up!