Introduce elements of Japanese aesthetics into your home with Solcion

Introduce elements of Japanese aesthetics into your home with Solcion


Solcion perfectly encapsulates the philosophy of quality, practicality and beauty. Conceived in Japan, this lifestyle accessories brand brings us their line of products with an attractive yet subtle aesthetic. They aim to solve our everyday problems with simple and elegant solutions that focus on combining great design with uncompromising quality standards. Let’s see what they’ve got!


These clocks are among Solcion’s most recognised products. Take a closer look at the intricate shifting geometric patterns on the Tangle Clock, and you’ll find yourself transported to a different dimension.

With fascinating patterns that change every passing minute, you may end up spending your day staring at the clock and watching the minutes go by - we certainly did!


Perfect for space-scarce Singapore, the Pattato table and chair set is Solcion’s flagship innovation.

With a compact profile, the set can be stored in a cupboard, behind your couch, or even in your car.

Take it out when guests are around or take it with you to an outdoor barbecue or party - the carrying handles make them easy to transport.

The best part of the Pattato set is that being portable and lightweight does not mean a compromise in quality. The furniture is extremely sturdy, and the chairs can support weights of up to 100kg. Visit us to try it out yourself!

Click here to purchase the Patatto Table and Chair individually.

Trivets are usually not much to write home about, but they’re essential in protecting your table from heat damage coming from your hot dishes. However, if you’re into cool geometric patterns and smart design, then these trivets are perfect for you!

In this set, you get two trivets in one compact and beautiful design - and you have the option of using them together for bigger pots, or separately for smaller dishes. Clever!


Tentosen take your push-pin notice board game to the next level! It provides a unique system of silicone bands and push-pins to help you declutter and keep small objects on your notice boards.

These include keys, photos and even devices, which will help keep your house neat and tidy.

The set comes with bands of varying lengths and branches that can be attached in two different ways - depending on whether you intend to use it on flat or bulky items.


The best innovations are usually the simplest solution to daily problems that we never even realise existed.

The Reform is one such example. It solves the issue of having to replenish containers before they’re empty and keeping the older stuff at the top.

It does this by adding a snug airtight screw cap at the underside, so no more worrying about your older stuff staying in there and going bad!


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