[#mrphystyleguide] What is Scandi Design? 4 Key Elements of a Nordic Styled Home

[#mrphystyleguide] What is Scandi Design? 4 Key Elements of a Nordic Styled Home


"Scandi" is a trendy word that loads of people currently love throwing around, from interior designers, to home owners, to home decor stores like yours truly. But what exactly is Scandi? What does it mean to be Scandi? How does one become more Scandi? Does it taste more like chicken or meatballs?

As a preface, Scandi is short for "Scandinavian", the Nordic region of Europe that includes Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. The design movement that originated there and became a worldwide trend is based on a foundation of simplicity and pragmatism. Nordic interior design has since also evolved to embody the concept of "Hygge" (pronounced "HOOGA" or "HEW-GA"), a Scandinavian concept of the sense of cosiness and wellness.

Read on to see key elements of Scandi Interior Design, and how to decorate your home or room to be consistent with the Scandi vibe.



The core principle of Scandi interior and furniture design is simplicity. Scandi homes use a base colour of white or light grey, and most furniture design consists of clean lines, simple curves and geometry. To keep in line with this fundamental, use simple and minimalist decor and accessories, such as the Summer Sunset Mirror and Accessory Tray by Moreover, or the Mulino salt and pepper mill by OMMO. This is why Scandi goes very well with minimalism and Japanese styles, and it's not uncommon to see one style mixed with the other.

Simplicity also means keeping your interior decluttered. To help keep your home spic and Scandi, check out our storage products, and our blog on Marie Kondo-ing your apartment.



In line with the idea of simplicity, neutral colours are used to complement a clean and light-based Scandi interior. Use greys like the Asteroid Grey microsuede Vesuvius bean bag by SoftRock Living for a fail-safe secondary colour.

For accents, you can go in one or more of three directions. Use light shades like pastels, for example the Cloud collection of home accessories by Qualy Design for a gentle touch of colour. Alternatively, use earthy tones like the Carver Wireframe Lamp, a currently trendy palette that gels with the natural aspect of Scandi. Finally, don't be afraid to use bright colours sparingly, to add a splash of vibrance - in line with the Swedish decor style - something like the simple yet cheerful Cathay Cinema pop art wall print by Big Red Chilli.



Hygge has now become a philosophy and has a prominent place in Scandi interior styling. More important now than ever, as the Covid-19 pandemic is putting extra strain on health and wellbeing. Thus, it is common now to find cosy and natural textures used to prevent the minimalism of Scandi interiors from becoming too cold and stark. Use linen like these SoftRock throw cushions, and soft rugs and mats like the soft floor mats by Mad About Mats to help Hygge up your home.



Natural materials go hand in hand with Scandi. This means furniture that comprises of light natural grain wood such as beech and ash will be right at home, paired with linens, wools, and leather; even fur is acceptable. Accessorise with matching wooden decor and accessories like the Ravin Tray, or the Teepi Diffuser Cover from Pana Objects. For bean bags, go for the Bohemian by SoftRock Living.

Nothing says nature like greenery, so plants are definitely a must have, helping to soften the starkness of a more minimalist interior and add a subtle pop of colour at the same time. Check out our planters and indoor gardening accessories, or read our blog on more reasons to keep indoor plants.


Like we always say, there is no such thing as wrong design. The aesthetics of a living space are a means to an end, and if you feel good about your home, who's to tell you otherwise? We hope though that this guide helps to give a broad picture of what makes a Scandi home, to help inspire you, and if you're confident enough, know what rules to bend, or break.

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