How to Stay Home and Like it – 6 ways to make work from home work for you

How to Stay Home and Like it – 6 ways to make work from home work for you


Phew! Singapore's Covid-19 Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) came and went, and on the bright side, we didn't have to enter another CB. As we go into Phase 3, we hope everyone's still keeping healthy and their spirits up. As there's no-one really knows when the pandemic will end - and it may even turn endemic - We think it makes sense to not put off on getting things for the home that help to improve your mental health, and your overall wellbeing.

Read on to see a few things you could do during the new normal in Singapore.


Separate Work (from home) and Play

Sure, working from home may mean less of your boss breathing down your back for some. And you get to wear your Spongebob sweatpants even in that Zoom call. But working from home is both a blessing and curse, and can affect your mental health from issues like isolation and burnout, and not being able to separate your work life from your personal life.

Improve your productivity, and your wellbeing, by keeping your workspace separate. Many in space-scarce Singapore can't do this by having a whole room carved out to be your home office, so in the absence of physical segregation, try creating a distinct work environment when you're in work mode. Have your favourite stationery around on your corner of the dining or coffee table to get into the zone. When it's time to switch modes, clear the things you associate with work to help get your living spaces ready for your downtime.


Be Your Own Chef

Eating is the Singaporean pastime. For many, not being able to dine in is the worst thing about Singapore's Covid-19 social distancing measures. Sure, we've got several awesome delivery services that help you get your meals to you as quick and hot as possible, but there's no denying, the lack of plating, the sogginess, and even for hawker food - the fading wok hei - is a downer for all foodies.

Assuming acquiring your own personal chef is a luxury not everyone can afford, being your own chef is an option that many Singaporeans have taken up since 2020. While being the next Master Chef is not an aspiration for most people, the culinary arts are still a hobby that have helped many get by. Using one of our many kitchen tools and gadgets, like the Tovolo Ginger Boys and Girls Cookie Cutter Set, or the OMMO Loft Everyday Bowl and Server Set helps to make cooking fun, and who knows, might even help you with getting that extra Michelin Star from whoever you're feeding.


Create a Play Station

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While you might ordinarily enjoy a night out with the boys or girls, or engaging in an outdoor sport, you now have to figure out activities that won't flout the rule of two.

Get a couple friends over for game night with board games or card games. Or go virtual, with movie watch parties. Even easier, if you have access to console games which you can multiplayer. Doesn't matter if you're into slow-paced "own time own target" games like Animal Crossing, or hardcore cannot-be-paused games like Call of Duty. Check out our bean bags or read our blog on gaming bean bag chairs.


Bring the Outside Indoors with Indoor Plants

If you're stuck at home, and feeling dreary, maybe a splash of greenery would help you freshen up your mood. Not only might indoor plants help with giving you cleaner air, it might help you relax your eyes as well. Remember to take those breaks for eye health if you've been staring at your computer! Read our article on indoor plants for more tips, or check out our pots and planters category.


A Clean Space for a Clear Mind

Feel less stressed out by keeping your home clean and de-cluttered. Your environment naturally has an impact on your mental physical and emotional wellbeing, so keeping your surroundings tidy and hygienic is a great way to both improve your work-from-home productivity, as well as your overall health and happiness. Check out our cleaning tools like the Dreamfarm Spindry Toilet Brush, and the Tovolo Soap Dispensing Dish Brush to make cleaning less of a chore, and read our article on storage organisers that help with keeping things in their rightful place.


Remember to take breaks

With work intermingling with your personal space, and for some families, having to incorporate Home-Based-Learning (HBL) into their childcare, it certainly feels for many that one can't just catch a break. Hopefully one can consciously try to steal a minute of personal time throughout the day, no matter how short. Breathing exercises, looking at distant objects, and hydrating yourself with water are seemingly mundane, but do help with coping through the day. Brew a mug, or even a flask of tea to help reduce stress levels.

Check out our article on tea infusers, or shop tea accessories.


And those are a few tips on how to keep sane during these strange times. If you have other tips to share with us, do let us know. Stay safe, and be well!

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