Great stocking stuffers you can get this Christmas


It's always a bit of a pain when it comes to buying the obligatory presents for people at the edge of your social circle.

It could be that random acquaintance, colleague, or anyone at any given gift exchange party... you know what we're talking about. At every Secret Santa, there's always the gifter with the reputation of giving universally adored (to the point of being almost annoying) gifts, no matter who receives them. And on the other end of the spectrum, you have... Chad. Who gives less than a bacterium's thought into his gifts (you can tell from the wrapping) whose gifts everyone learns to avoid (again... the wrapping).

That's where this gift guide comes in handy! It can be incredibly daunting scrolling through our entire catalogue for something suitable (hint: filter by your gift budget or use one of our gift filters), so we've come up with a list of affordable stocking stuffers that make delightful random gifts, no matter who you're buying for, and no matter who is receiving them... and avoid being the Chad of the party.

For gifts with more dedication, check out our main Christmas gift guide here.



Magnets are one of those stereotypical souvenir gifts, and there's a reason for that - they're incredibly useful gifts!

We don't want to assume, but most people probably have fridges at home that are perfect for magnets that hold up memos, recipes or receipts.

Add a sprinkle of festive cheer to them with the Winter Wonder Magnet Set. You could also check out the Auriga magnet set for something a little more subtle.


Coffee, tea or me?

Throw a stone (please don't do that!), and it's bound to hit someone who loves either tea, coffee or both. Simple Lab Experience has a unique collection of tea infusers. Their apparatus-like design brings us back to the days of science experiments in schools. Nostalgic!


No space for a Christmas tree at home? The All Seasons Glass Mug and Lid/Holder - Winter Edition by Qualy Design would be a great Mug to hold your coffee or tea at home. And it even comes with a smart design that lets you keep your mug clean and hygienic at all times.


Kitchen knick-knacks

The kitchen is one of the most exciting places to accessorise! There's ALWAYS space for a cute spoon in there, which is what we have for you here! The Mini Supoon and Levoop Adjustable Level Measuring Scoop are fantastic additions to any kitchen. They help make your life easier and are beautiful to boot.


Chances are, you'd know someone who loves their wine. So help them out with the Bottle Tie Corkscrew by Peleg Design! It adds a touch of class to those wine bottles, and are pretty handy to leave around in the event a new bottle needs to be uncorked.


Cute little things

For small decorative items that are well-designed and practical, look no further than the Bull, Deer and Moose Key Holder/Wall Hook by Qualy Design . These cute animals can be mounted or stuck onto walls, and we love that they help hold your keys and also serve as hooks for small accessories.


Speaking of which, this cute little Memo Tree by Carpenter will make a great small gift for any home. Great for perking up a work table or leaving messages for family members at home.


Perk up the mood of your gift recipient with a Wood Mood emoticon button by Pana Objects ! Emoticons are the language of today, and can succinctly express how someone is feeling at any moment.


Continuing the theme of little items, how about getting a bookmark? Contrary to popular belief, many of us still read physical books these days, and a snazzy bookmark from our collection may end up being the perfect gift.

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