Frequently Asked Questions

Over here we answer your most likely questions with questionably likeable answers.

WTF (Where’d I Teleport From?)

1I have fifty tabs open, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t click on your site.

Yeah… well we are the official e-shop for the following brands, so if you were there and you clicked on “shop”, well, here we are.

And so… hi. It’s a little awkward as an introduction if we’re being honest. Don’t you hate when friends forget to introduce you?

2You’re right, it’s so weird. I actually just wanted to buy a lamp. But that clock does look nice.

It does, doesn’t it? We think it'd really go with that space on your wall. Feel free to add it to your cart as well. It doesn’t matter that the two items are from different brands. That way, you get to consolidate your shipping and save money. Also, don't ask us how we know about that space on your wall.

3Can I check your stuff out in person?

Of course you can. You can find out where we are on our contact page, and make an appointment to drop by. Drinks on us.


1How can I pay?
We use the most famous secure payment gateway in the world, PayPal, which accepts payments by major credit cards.
2I don’t have a PayPal account, can I still pay by credit card?
Yes you can, a PayPal account is not required. Look for the “pay with credit card” option at checkout.
3It’s not approving my credit card!
Sometimes PayPal does that as an anti-fraud measure. This is especially if your credit card is from a non-Singapore bank, and has not been used in Singapore to make an e-commerce transaction yet. Also, we’re very flattered for your giving your first time to us.
4Can I pay in instalments?
Yes you can, we've partnered with Atome to provide interest-free instalments. Split your bill into 3 equal monthly payments by selecting "Atome" at checkout and it will take you through their secure payment gateway.
5Are there other ways I can pay?
Sure, we accept payment via PayNow, Google Pay, Internet Banking and ATM fund transfer. Write to us with what you wish to order and we’ll get back to you with payment instructions.
6Oh shoot. I made a mistake on my order.
Shoot happens. Contact us as soon as you realise it, and tell us what info you would like changed, be it colour, size, quantity, or model. We’ll have the order updated and if the price of the amended order is different, we would either refund you the difference, or send a PayPal payment request to you. If you realise too late and your order has been handed over to the courier by the time you contact us, we can recall the order, but you will have to pay for the subsequent delivery.
7 I still don’t get how to make an order, can you help me out?
Absolutely. Drop us an email at [email protected], use our contact form, leave us an instant message on our onsite live chat, or leave us a text/WhatsApp at +65 9753 5927 and we’ll assist you on your order.


1Do you deliver to me?
We deliver to anywhere in Singapore, except for restricted places like Pulau Tekong and imaginary places like the Merlion’s shoe shop.
2Could you deliver to someone else? I want to send a gift.
Absolutely, just advise us in the special instructions part of the ordering form when checking out.
3Do you deliver to outside of Singapore?
We certainly do! Drop us an email at [email protected] or use our contact form if you would like to enquire about international delivery!
4What are the delivery costs?
Delivery within Singapore is free on all orders of $20 and above. We charge a flat fee of $5 for orders below $20. It doesn’t matter if the products are from different brands.
5What is the delivery procedure like?
We engage a third party logistics provider to deliver our items to you. Within five business days* from successful payment, you should expect to receive your order. Business days don't include weekends and public holidays just so we're clear.

*In addition, do note that products from the following brands will come to you direct from the brand itself
- Tovolo
- Big Red Chilli
- Swanz
- Capital Gains Studio
- Mercat Games
- Weavve

*Products from the following brands will only come to us when ordered by you and will be consolidated with the rest of your order. Please allow up to 7 business days to receive your order:
- Mosh!
6I mean, it’s cool that you'll send my order in five business days and all but I kinda need my order urgently because I only just discovered your shop today and my [special person]’s [special day] is this week. What should I do?
Drop us an email at hi @ or use our contact form, or leave us a text/WhatsApp at +65 9753 5927 with what you intend to get and when you need the delivery by. We’ll do our best make urgent delivery arrangements.
7Okay, scrap that, he/she just told me he’s/she’s going to be out of town this month. Do you do delayed deliveries?
Yes we do, very often in fact, and on purpose. We have plenty of customers whose renovation is only completed in a few months time, or their home is only ready next year. Just indicate in the special instructions part of the ordering form when checking out. And maybe at the same time you might want to smack your friend for not telling you about that trip.


1I don’t understand how your thingamabob is supposed to work.
Did you try the product information section of that product first? If that didn’t work, let us know what you don’t understand and we’d be happy to help.
2Where is your stuff from?
We bring in brands from all over the world, award-winning designs from as near as Thailand to as far as Israel. One thing is for sure, these are all products that we find so remarkable that we are eager to share them with you. We are also the people behind established local brands doob Bean Bags and SoftRock Living, and it is our desire to give other marvellous Singapore brands an avenue to showcase their creations here in mrphy.
3Is there a guarantee for the things you sell?
Yes there is, against manufacturing defects. In general, our furniture items are guaranteed for a year, and non-furniture items for half a year. For more information about the guarantee and what it covers, and what it doesn't, read the terms of sale.
4Sounds good. How about returns and exchanges?
Yes we do those too. If you’re not satisfied with your product, let us know within 100 days. You can either send it down to our office (do make an appointment first), or we can arrange for a courier to pick it up from you, at your cost. To see what orders qualify for returns and exchanges and what do not, check out our terms of sale.


1I want to buy a hundred bean bags…
Reasonable request. You qualify for a bulk discount if you order $2,000 worth of mrphy. Contact us for a quote.
2…With my girlfriend’s name on them…
You do you. Send customisation requests our way, and we’ll get back with a quote for you including customisation charges. But do note that a minimum order may be required as we might have to outsource some of the customisation work, logo printing, for example.
3…And with the bean bags in the colour combination of red and beige…
Yes, we can do that too. Good taste is preferred but not required. Oh customisation charges apply and any customisations will render your order invalid for exchanges and returns.
4…And instead of the regular bean bag filling, fill the bean bags with raisins, and