Fabulous home accessories and decor to usher in the Lunar New Year

Fabulous home accessories and decor to usher in the Lunar New Year


With Lunar New Year fast approaching, now's the time to freshen up your living room and dining area to usher in the Year of the Rat.

Red, being a colour symbolising prosperity and wealth, all manner of red accessories and decor - from paper ornaments and decorations to lanterns and just about anything you can list - is a must. Fortunately for you, mrphy has several home accessories that come in trendy hues of red, that are able to give a pop to your interior, while keeping your home stylish, and without risk of becoming tacky.

Read on to see our picks for the new year; a mix of red items, interspersed with other homeware that might complement your interior design style.


Indulge in the colour of the season

The easiest way to add a splash of crimson for the Lunar New Year is to get our famed cutlery set, the Dreamfarm Set of the Best or the Levoop adjustable level measuring scoop in red, of course! These essential kitchen tools look great and make perfect gifts (for yourself, or your better half). If you're looking for something more colourful, the Set of the Best also comes in assorted colours.


For more chic red home highlights, check out Solcion's offerings. Their Honey Tangle Clock and trivet set have geometric patterns that give your home a modern answer to the traditional Chinese red paper cuttings used to decorate households of old, and they're easily one of our favourite items on this list.


And if you're expecting loads of visitors, their Patatto Chairs in red will also help provide extra seating for your guests at home, while being able to fold flat for easy storage. Outside of home, use these portable stools for picnics and BBQs all about Singapore for a great way to sit down and chill out without soiling your bottoms.


Traditional snacks and drinks served with a modern twist

Lunar New Year goodies usually come in containers, complete with (you guessed it!) red lids. Boring.

If you want to impress family and friends this year, check out OMMO's Hoop and Tiers Cake Stand. These modern solutions to serving tidbits and dips are not only aesthetically pleasing - they're also practical and can hold more snacks than your guests can munch down, no matter how yummy they are.


If you're going a bit more fusion and fancy with your CNY offerings, and serving canapes and cheese, the Dreamfarm Bamboo Fledge will make a great cutting board and serving tray, all in one elegant and convenient package. The Fledge has as a unique feature, a lip that flips up and collects liquids for juicy foods.


Let's not forget the drinks. Consuming copious amounts of snacks without having a drink isn't great for the throat, so how about traditional tea in not-so-traditional flasks? Simple Lab's Flasso Carafe and Mixo Glass Tea Infuser and Shaker provide cute modern flasks that can still serve up traditional and cooling tea.


Worry less about spills

It's usually a headache when lots of snacks and drinks are involved - there's going to be a high likelihood of spills and stains occurring over your furniture. Well, you won't have to worry if you've got our spill-proof doob bean bags at home.

You could check out our catalogue for the right style for your home, but we'd recommend the oomph and tootsie bundle for its incredible value, and the dooblebug too (because it's red and cute and your kids would LOVE it).


There's so much more

These are just some items that we love to have in our own homes this Lunar New Year, but if you're looking for more, do check out mrphy.sg today for our entire range of home accessories and home decor items - there'll be something right for you!