The essential Christmas gift guide for everyone in your life


December is synonymous with many things - Rainy days, holidays, pumpkin-flavoured coffee. But nothing is more indicative of December than the age-old year-end gift-shopping adventure.

Buying gifts can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Avoid the traffic jams, avoid the claustrophobia-inducing crowds, avoid the headache of finding unique gifts in Singapore that show your thoughtfulness and sincerity - we've done it all for you! Everything in mrphy is specially curated - if we didn't like it ourselves, we wouldn't be selling it.

In this day and age, where pigeon-holing people is absolutely not the politically correct thing to do, we're crafting this carefully-concocted gift guide for you folks who know your loved-one, relative, or co-worker has their unique flavour of style and gift preferences but just oh so coincidentally have a slight leaning towards certain behaviours, this guide recommends your best bet.

Oh who are we kidding. We all know someone who falls into one or more of these types. Get this for them, chances are they'll love it.


the one who hates gifts

Oh boy, let's start with the most difficult one. It's especially tricky to get a gift for that person who doesn't like presents or surprises, but I guess we crave the challenge sometimes!

For these individuals, practicality is essential. You don't need them to LOVE the gift at first, but it has to be something they would grow to appreciate due to the value it brings to their lives.


If you're getting something for the tea lover, then look no further than the Torus tea infuser and tea leaf holder set by OMMO - it's as beautiful as it is practical. Leaving only a small footprint on the kitchen counter, the stylish doughnut infuser set can double up as both and infuser as well as a container for tea leaves or sugar. Even the greatest sceptics would find that neat!


The Ortwo pepper mill by Dreamfarm makes grinding spices so much easier, and we highly recommend it! Choose between grinding one-handed for the convenience, or go two-handed for extra speed and an unmatched output. Add in six levels of settings from coarse to super fine, and you have the perfect mill for all spices!


the lazy bum

Now now, we're not saying these people are lazy - we're just talking about their bums here.


But seriously, no Christmas gift guide is complete without talking about the kick-ass comfortable doob bean bags. Never tried one before? Visit us to try it out ASAP, and your butt will thank you for it!


Now's also a great time to get the doob plop bean bag as we're giving away a free extra cover with every purchase of it, while stocks last!


the fitspo (alternatively, the rebel)

Cycling is awesome. It's good for your health, it's good for the environment. So show your support for your cyclist friends with these adorable gadgets, like the Bird Bike Cup Holder by Qualy Design for those who commute to work by bike, or the Speedy Bike Accessory by OTOTO.


Alternatively, you may know some folks out there who are living on the edge with their PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices? Or Pedalling with Mild Disturbance? ;p) - why not give them some love and help them pimp their ride!


the quirky one

It's fun buying for quirky friends - anything cute, unique, whacky and out-of-this-world would be great for them!


They’re sure to love the Mr. P series of adorable mugs from Propaganda, such as their Mr. P & Heart Mug and the Mr. P Toilet Mug. Also fascinating is the mind-bending Shear Mug, it's one of the more unique mugs we've ever seen!


Or how about some trivets? Yeah we know trivets aren't the most exciting item ever, but check out these Crime Scene hot pot trivets by Peleg Design - it will add a cheeky touch to the dining table setting. And with a delicious and steaming pot at the dinner table, it would be criminal not to place it on one of these silicone chalk line trivets.


the stylish minimalist

Getting something for a minimalist is kind of a paradoxical situation - sort of like Marie Kondo opening a store to get you to buy more things. But hey, it's Christmas and gifts need to be given!


The monochrome-themed accessories from Moreover fit the preferred aesthetic of the stylish minimalist - understated design and colours that don't scream at you.


Or how about out with the couch, and in with the stylish Bohemian bean bag by SoftRock Living? SoftRock bean bags defy all expectations of what a bean bag is, and what it should be. Coming in a variety of unique linen upholstery, this elegant recliner allows the minimalist to relax in style and comfort. For a limited time, get complimentary cushions courtesy of SoftRock Living as well.


the blur sotong

We all know and love that one absent minded friend. Relieve their anxiety and save minutes of their lives wasted looking for their keys with these adorable key holders.


Choose from wooden Scandi designs from Pana Objects, to super cute and animated key holders from Qualy Design, and quirky contemporary ones from Peleg Design. There's one for every personality.


the environmentally conscious tree-hugger or the climate change denier

Environmental sustainability is a topic often talked about these days, and we have some great products that are suitable for your eco-conscious friends.


Qualy Design is one of the biggest champions of environmental consciousness in the product design industry, and it's reflected in their quirky and subtly guilt-inducing home accessories, such as the bleaching coral glass mug and polar ice bucket that promote awareness to environmental issues such as climate change and deforestation. Qualy Design is an advocate for sustainable ideas like circular economy and zero waste, and they certainly practice what they preach, using recycled and recyclable materials in their manufacturing process.

Environmental consciousness goes both ways, so if that's something you're passionate about and is a message you want to share, do consider these same gifts!

Hope this article has helped in your gift-buying this Christmas! Want to see more of what we have in our store for this Christmas season? Check out mrphy today!

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