Christmas 2022: Gift Packs for 8 Types of Singaporeans [Part 1]

Christmas 2022: Gift Packs for 8 Types of Singaporeans [Part 1]


It’s Christmas season and finally time to meet up with friends and family for some big gatherings and parties! We all know how difficult it is to find unique Christmas gifts in Singapore or come up with Christmas gift ideas that reflect your tastes and the recipients’ likes. As an ultimate gift guide, mrphy has curated packs of gift ideas for your fellow Singaporeans (but frankly, any nationality) - based on their personas! These functional and well-designed products make some perfect gift ideas for Christmas gift exchange too!


Netflix Binger

We all love a good series on Netflix that will make us glued to our seat for hours! mrphy has come up with the best starter pack for your Netflix bingeing galore.

1. Hoops up, he scores! The crowd goes wild! Score all your favourite finger food and dips in one serving bowl - that’s the Hoop by OMMO for you. Hoop is an elegant solution to serving tidbits and dip, and collecting food waste – all in one aesthetic container. The modular design features a circular dish where you can put your snacks, chips, fruit and other shared food. This dish rests on a container which you can use to dispose seeds, peel, and other food waste while eating. Alternatively, use this container for carrot, cucumber or bread sticks. Finally, the centre holds a dish for sauce, dip, or toothpicks.

2. Cuddle up and get comfy with the fwooarmrest by doob Bean Bags! The fwooarmrest is an ergonomic bean bag that makes living better all around. Use it as a body pillow, a headrest, an armrest, or a maternity pillow. Great for using mobile devices to reduce wrist and forearm strain. Use it with any doob bean bag, or on a (ugh) sofa or bed.

3. Did someone say popcorn? HELL YES. Store and serve your popcorn in Diga by OMMO. Diga is an award-winning multi-purpose bowl that works equally well in the kitchen and at the dining table, allowing for washing, draining and serving, all in a single tool. The knob at the bottom turns to drain water when washing vegetables – simply turn back to close. This beautiful dual-coloured bowl can subsequently be used to serve fruit, salad or even popcorn right after washing without the need for transferring them to another bowl.

4. You’ll never have to get up from your seat especially when the show is in a climax. Have your drinks hot or cold throughout your bingeing session with the Tankard by mosh!. Inspired by the classic milk cans found in dairy farms and vintage tankards, adds some fun and style to your daily hydration, while also being designed to be highly functional. Made with food-grade 304 stainless steel, the double-walled vacuum helps to keep your favourite beverages warm or chilled for a longer time while keeping the outside of the container safe and comfortable to touch. The large opening makes it easier for pouring and even for adding ice cubes. The attractive lid also has removable parts for easier cleaning.


Kan Cheong Spider

This is the gift pack for that forever anxious, time-checking kan cheong spider friend or family member.

1. Important meeting the next day - too kan cheong and cannot sleep? The Weavve weighted blanket is the perfect solution to make you fall asleep like a baby (though you won’t say this if you do actually have a baby). Weighted blankets are unique as instead of being filled with cotton or down, it contains materials like glass beads to make them heavier. This weight is evenly distributed across the body for a feeling of being gently hugged. The deep touch pressure offered by the weighted blanket is supposed to make you feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable.

2, 3 & 4. Time waits for no one, even in the toilet! Get our clocks from Solcion and Pana Objects to keep track of time, wherever you may be at home.

5. All kan cheong spiders can attest to not being able to find the most important thing when they need it the most. With the Jot - Just Hold It There Note Holder by Dreamfarm, you will never misplace your keys / toothbrush / charging cable / lucky charm anymore because it is just there waiting for you to grab and go. Jot is a suction hook that hangs on to anything just where you want it, and comes with adhesive plastic discs for trickier surfaces so you can stick them anywhere!


Lepak Kaki

A great lepak session can be one of the most rewarding gifts! mrphy has picked these gift ideas to ensure lepak bliss.

1. Ever feel like you need quality rest but you’re unsure how to? The Lyocell Classic Fitted Sheet Bedding Set by Weavve is the stuff dreams are made of. Silky touch with a sheeny finish, these TENCEL™ lyocell sheets are extremely smooth and gentle on the skin. Soft as a cloud, light and breezy – just the perfect environment for a peaceful night of sleep.

2. The true meaning of lepak is to really relax yourself literally anywhere. That said, the SoftRock cushions are the perfect companions to lepak with, in style. Made with the same luxurious materials that SoftRock Living bean bags are constructed of, these cushions make for stylish Christmas gifts. SoftRock cushions are stuffed harder to give a more satisfying texture and feeling.

3. Gift the feeling of shiokness whenever your kaki rests his/her butt on the fwooa and go ‘fwah’. Lepak with your buddies in utmost comfort while watching a movie or just casually chilling. The fwooa bean bag combines doob Bean Bag’s love for versatile designs, with a comfy and stretch fabric, and a curvy aesthetic. The accompanied fwooarmrest lets you use whatever device you fancy while you alleviate any wrist or forearm strain. The main bean bag can be used in a variety of positions, and combined with its stretchy material, will accommodate any posture you prefer, without introducing stress or strain to your back or joints (unlike chairs, pffft). The fwooarmrest further can be used separately from the main bean bag, as a body pillow, an armrest, a headrest, and even a laptop rest.


Queue Joiner

The ultimate gift pack for the Singaporeans who love to queue.

1. You may not know what you are queuing for but you know you need a reliable carrier bag to bring along all your essential barang barang! The totesta’ tote bag by doob Bean Bags is one of doob’s attempts to reduce its waste and carbon footprint. Adopting zero-waste design principles, the totesta’ is upcycled from bean bag fabric, left over from making the doobsta’ and toonacan. The result is a trendy and durable tote bag that works great as an everyday carry bag, or a shopping bag that lets you cut down on single-use plastic bags. If you’re afraid that it won’t last, don’t worry as the totesta’ is dooble-layered™ for durability, just like its much bigger doobs, and coming in the rich hues of best-selling doobsta’ bean bags, the totesta’ is built to last, and guaranteed to look great around your arm.

2. Queuing up for the latest product launch from your favourite brand? Depending on the quantity available, sometimes we may have to queue for several hours or even days. The Pattato 250 by Solcion is the perfect portable compact stool for you to sit anywhere in style when your legs cannot tahan anymore. The first chair in the world to combine portability with fashion in such a seamless manner, the Patatto is a hallmark of Japanese design, using a minimalist solution and aesthetic to create a truly innovative product. Made of high quality polypropylene with anti-rust steel rivets, the Patatto is durable and easy to wash, making it the perfect stool to bring out, or even as additional seating at home when you have many visitors over for the Christmas celebrations.

3. With Singapore’s humid weather, it is crucial for us to stay hydrated especially when you’re queuing for hours. Stay hydrated with the Kokoro Porcelain Thermal Flask by Swanz, a sustainable porcelain thermal flask that leaves other bottles and flasks behind. Unlike metal bottles, the interior of the Kokoro is made of solid fine porcelain, which makes it stain and smell resistant, without that metallic taste you had to live with before, while keeping your beverage hot or cold for up to 8 hours with the help of its double-wall vacuum-insulated exterior. In contrast to enamel/ceramic coated interiors, or ceramic interiors, The Kokoro’s porcelain interior will not peel off over time, and will be much more resistant to stains and smells, due to porcelain being much less porous than ceramic.

And there we have it - part 1 of our 2022 Christmas gift ideas series. Time to get started on Christmas shopping with - your home decor and gift shop Singapore!