Celebrate a new piginning at mrphy.sg!


The Year of the Pig will soon be upon us, and we’re inviting you to celebrate this Lunar New Year (LNY) with us!

Dress your home up with our piggies and other home accessories suitable for the festive period at our mrphy.sg LNY Promo, and usher in the new year with a new home! Well, sort of.

Promotion runs from 20 January to 3 February, so hurry and shop now! And the best part about doing your shopping with us? No LNY music.

Here are some highlights that may interest you:


YolkPig Egg Separator

Goes without saying that we can't have a Year of the Pig promo without at least featuring a piggy, right?

For your LNY resolution, YolkPig wants you to stop separating your egg yolks and whites with your hands!

With the help of this sucker, you can now be an egg-separating ninja!

YolkPig Egg Separator by Peleg Design


Toothpig Toothpick Dispenser

Let's not forget about Toothpig as well, shall we?

It may look like it’s simply pigging around on your table, but watch it spring into action when called upon, helping to brighten up your toothy smile and keeping your martini olives aligned.

It also makes for a great table decoration during your LNY meals.

Toothpig Toothpick Dispenser by OTOTO Design


Storeberry Container

We know how annoying it can be to hunt for red items that stay relevant in other parts of the year. But here's something that can spark joy all year long! Because strawberries.

Use this delightful storage container to hide that mess during spring cleaning. And as a bonus, the lid also doubles up as a tray for your LNY needs.

Storeberry Container by Qualy Design


Cherry Bin

The problem with having family and friends over is that you'll be generating more trash after working hard on that spring cleaning. Not to worry, this cherry bin will help to keep all that unsightly rubbish away.

Its stem also acts as an indicator to let you know how full your bin is, so you'll know when to clear it. It can also be used as a handle to handily compress your trash.

Great for your gatherings, and it's also red - perfect for that pop of auspiciousness throughout the festive period!

Cherry Bin by Qualy Design


Taiwan Charm Smart Phone Stand

If you want a fusion of Chinese and Western design, why not check out Carpenter? With a fresh take on Asian culture, executed on natural wood, these stationery and home accessories will add some Scandi-Chinois to your decor. For example, this device stand with Chinese wards and charms to usher in luck and drive your enemies away.

Taiwan Charm Smart Phone Stand by Carpenter


Cushions by SoftRock Living

Cushions are without a doubt the easiest way to cast a fresh look on your couch. Whether you're into fabric or leather, SoftRock Living cushions give a double kick that is classy and sassy at the same time.

Cushions by SoftRock Living

Check out our CNY Promo between 20 January and 3 February on mrphy.sg !

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