Best Coffee Accessories for All Home Brewing Methods from mrphy

Best Coffee Accessories for All Home Brewing Methods from mrphy


Coffee is a drink that transcends boundaries. Whether you prefer the butter-roasted simple pleasures of a kopi, or the sophisticated notes of an espresso with its crema, there is always a coffee to enjoy. Now where everyone is stuck at home, there's no excuse to not have the kind of coffee you enjoy, with all the different ways to brew a coffee at home.

Read on to see various ways of home coffee brewing, and the best accessories to accompany those.


Espresso Machines

Fun fact! Espresso is pronounced "S-press-O", not "X-press-O". For the coffee snob, nothing beats an espresso maker - precision temperature control, and the ability to use freshly ground coffee, to give you that perfect brew. It also helps that with such machines, you get more value when you buy coffee; less money goes into the packaging of pods, packaging, or bags, when you buy a bag of coffee beans or ground coffee. Less packaging means friendlier to the environment too. There are lots of espresso machines in the market now, for any budget and style, from modern, to industrial.

For the home barista, complete the look with the exquisite cast iron and wood Sqoop from HMM, that measures out coffee for espresso machines and is magnetic to convenient stay on your machine. Couple this with the convenient Grindenstein from Dreamfarm, to give you the professional look of a cafe, in a size appropriate for an apartment.

mrphy HMM Sqoop - Cast Iron and Teak 10g Coffee Scoop
Dreamfarm - July - Image 4 - Grindenstein

Pod or Capsule Coffee Machines

Using pods/capsules are the best balance between quality coffee and convenience. Get spoiled these days with artisanal coffee packaged in capsules that are compatible with your coffee machine such as the delectable Supernova Fusion blend by PPP Coffee. Even Starbucks has pods for your Nespresso machine to give you that cafe experience at home.

Regularly cleaning a coffee machine like a Nespresso is important, since coffee is loved not only by humans but by cockroaches. Get one of our adorable kitchen sponges and sponge holders to help make this upkeep fun.

Drip or Pour Over Coffee

For those who love a more hands-on approach to percolating their coffee, drip coffee is the way to go. Without the space and electricity-consuming machine, but with better control of the coffee brewing experience than instant coffee, pour over coffee allows you to manually control water temperature, and pour over speed.

Enjoy pour over coffee in style with our several styles of drippers, from the industrial Patio from HMM and the Gem from OMMO, to the contemporary Diamond Wireframe Dripper and Stand by A-IDIO. If you want a bit more convenience and don't want a dripper, get drip bags such as the Supernova Fusion blend by PPP Coffee. Control water temperature and flow easily with the Swan-Neck Kettle – Pour Over Coffee Kettle and Thermometer Set by A-IDIO.

mrphy HMM Patio - Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper
mrphy A-idio Diamond Wireframe Pour Over Coffee Stand (Rose Gold)

Instant Coffee

Don't knock instant coffee - it provides a familiar and down-to-earth comfort and lends a different kind of experience to the aforementioned fancier methods. With this more casual style of coffee appreciation, have some fun with the Cacnister container by Qualy or Sugar House Bowl by Peleg Design, or even go all classy with an artisanal hand-made mug like the Mugr by HMM.
mrphy HMM Mugr - Artisan Coffee Mug

Shop interesting coffee accessories for yourself or as a gift. For a limited time period and while stocks last, get PPP Coffee Drip Bags worth $26 for orders over $200.