Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids


Now is the time to find the ideal Christmas gifts for children! Unwrapping Christmas presents is one of those core moments that bring kids immense joy and fond memories. We've assembled a collection of items that can enhance their nighttime rest, provide comfort in their reading corner, kickstart their interest in gardening, ignite a passion for card games, or keep their room lit. Discover something for every child at!


Fwoomp mini

The ideal Christmas present for your child's comfort and enjoyment is the fwoomp mini by doob. Perfect for placement in their cosy reading nooks to inspire more reading, or next to your sofa for a comfortable seat while enjoying your favourite Christmas shows together on television! It's a fantastic way to create precious moments with your little ones using the best bean bags in Singapore. The fwoomp mini is filled with smoovflux™ pellets that gives a denser fill and a smoother feel.

The mini Collection of kids bean bags has been warmly received by both parents and kids, particularly during doob's event pop-ups.

Available in four colours: Elderberry, Hummus, Pomegranate, and Persimmon.


Lightbug – Solar-Powered Night Light

Does your little one feel uneasy in the dark? We've got the perfect illuminating gift!

The Lightbug - Solar-Powered Night Light by OTOTO is an incredible product that not only acts as a night light but also contributes to energy conservation with its solar-powered feature. Resembling the body of a firefly in the wild, your child will be captivated and inspired as the essence of the outdoors is brought to life in their room. It's not just a source of light; it's a fantastic conversation starter to educate your child about nature and renewable energy sources. This Christmas, don't miss out on this exceptional find! Grab it before the Lightbug takes flight!


Seed Field Seed Sprouter

It's never too early to cultivate your child's interest in becoming a green thumb—metaphorically, of course! Making the process of planting seeds both easier and cuter, The Seed Field Seed Sprouter by Peleg Design is the perfect tool.

This seed sprouter allows you to establish a miniature garden at home, offering the satisfaction that comes with growing your own food. Plant various seeds in your seed field and witness their sprouting journey. Once ready, these homegrown delights will make a healthy addition to home-cooked meals. It's not just about fostering a green thumb but also about child bonding and creating lasting memories with your little ones.


Combo Cone Paradise – Card Game

Keep the kids entertained and engaged during the Christmas season with a fantastic family-friendly card game gift that lets them build their own ice cream shop in Singapore. The Combo Cone Paradise - Card Game by Mercat Games adds an extra layer of sweetness to combos, making it even more delightful than ice cream! In this card game, players step into the shoes of Combo Artisans on their first day at their very own ice cream shop. With up to four other newly hired Combo Artisans, each player is tasked with serving up delicious combolicious ice cream to customers.

As you navigate the challenges of running the branch, each participant will be evaluated. The Artisan who earns the most money by the end of the day gets promoted to the coveted position of Head Combo Artisan. It's not just a game; it's an entertaining way to introduce concepts of entrepreneurship and running a business to your child.

This casual game features appetising artwork and humorous references to beloved ice cream brands, making it a delightful and engaging experience for all!