Best Baking Tools and Tips

Best Baking Tools and Tips

mrphy best baking tools and accessories in Singapore

Do you know that the act of baking provides similar benefits as meditation and art therapy? Baking brings about a sense of mindfulness, which then in turn lowers stress and anxiety levels.

It's no wonder then that in Singapore, and even all around the world, baking has started to trend as a pastime and hobby. #Stressbaking, as they have started to call it. Being stuck at home in 2020, and with a need to counter the added stress and anxiety of an uncertain future, one turns to baking to at least have something sweet in one's life.

Read on to check out our tips and tools on how to bake better!


1. Prep Ahead

They say while cooking is an art, baking is a science. The difference between putting dough into the oven sooner than later may make or break a recipe. This is why most experienced bakers prep as much as possible ahead of the bake. This in turn takes the stress out of baking... and we ARE supposed to treat baking as stress-relief, no?

The Loft Everyday Bowl and Server Set by OMMO is a great mixing bowl, having a really stable base that is non slip as well as weighted. Being versatile and attractive enough to be a serving and salad bowl, the Loft is also useful for mixing and kneading.

Use the Hem Modular Egg Stand Trivet Set by Pana Objects, and the Avocado Spoon Rest by OTOTO Design for a pretty workstation to keep your ingredients and tools within reach.


2. Be Precise With Your Ingredients

So baking being a science as we mentioned, it then goes without saying that the more precise you measure your ingredients, the better! When prepping your ingredients, use our various ingenious measuring cups and scoops so when the recipe says "1/4 cup", you got it down to a T. Here are our (cherry) picks.

Mon Cherry Measuring Spoons And Egg Separator (left), Levups Scrape Level Measuring Cups (top right), Supoon Sit-Up Scraping Spoon (bottom right)

3. Separate Your Eggs

They say you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. While that's true, some recipes call for only yolks or whites, and you don't want to break your rhythm by accidentally breaking the yolk while separating!

Keep your egg separation exercise fuss-free and even enjoyable, with these adorable egg separators by Peleg Design.

YolkFrog Egg Separator (top left), YolkFish Egg Separator (bottom left), YolkPig Egg Separator (right)

4. Presentation Presentation Presentation!

We eat with our eyes first. That means our judgement on food is coloured - for better or for worse - even before our lips even touch those cakes. If you're baking not just for yourself (I mean, you can't always have your cake and eat it), a nice serving tray goes a long way in making your delicious morsels more so.

Tiers Cake Stand by OMMO (left), CakeDozer Cake Server by Peleg Design (right)


Check out these and more aesthetic and functional bakeware and baking tools on mrphy.

mrphy best baking tools and accessories in Singapore