7 ways to prep your home for Hari Raya!


It’s Hari Raya, and that means it’s time to shop for new home accessories and furniture!

Check out our specially curated Rock n’ Raya promo this festive period and get up to 20% off selected home decor, dining ware and bean bags til 9 June! Here’s our guide to some items that can help you spruce up your Raya celebrations!


1. Give a good first impression

Your living room mat is one of the first things your guests will see when visiting your home, so why not give them a great first impression with some kick-ass mat designs from Mad About Mats?

They’re also super easy to clean up after the kids (and messy adults) visit!

Judit Vinyl Floor Mat by Mad About Mats

2. Basalt is the new black

Match your cool new mats with a brand new fabric from SoftRock Living’s bean bags.

The Bohemian and Vesuvius bean bags now come in “basalt”, a sleek black linen-style upholstery joining the family of “granite” and “sandstone”. This dark neutral colour will match any furniture you already have at home, and adds a touch of class to your home.

The Vesuvius – Linen-Style Upholstery and Synthetic Suede Versatile Bean Bag by SoftRock Living

3. Or go with a splash of colour

Don’t want to stay neutral? Get a splash pop of colour with the plop - you can’t go wrong with a doob bean bag.

It comes in a wide variety of colours that matches all decors and moods, and most of all, your butts will thank you for it!

The plop – teardrop-shaped spill-proof bean bag by doob Bean Bags

4. Or have a bush under your butt

We couldn’t resist adding this to the list… last bean bag here, we promise!

Apart from being a comfortable bush for your butt, this bean bag also adds a distinctive nature-garden feel to your home. For those without green fingers, go with the topiary ball knit bean bag, and you can forego the (dying) plants!

Topiary Ball Knit Bean Bag by Chic Sin Design

5. Go for the ultimate party pack

Festive green is the way to go with our Dreamfarm Hari Raya Bundle!

Serving up some rendang? We’ve got you with the Spadle. Scooping up that mee rebus will also be a breeze with the Holey Spadle. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget dessert either with the Supoon and Mini Supoon included in this set.

Dreamfarm Hari Raya Bundle by Dreamfarm

6. Serve up a fancy dessert… or is it desert?

Add to your festive green collection with the Cactus Picks Party Fork Set - they’re perfect for finger food, fruits, and keeping your guests’ hands clean!

Stick’em into your “landscape” of munchies and your quirky plating will surely amuse your family and friends.

Cactus Picks Party Fork Set by Qualy Design

7. Leave your home smelling good

You know the thing about whipping up a storm of a meal? People love the meal part, but not that lingering cloud of smells in the home that will soon turn stale.

Not to worry though, the Teepi - Aromatic Diffuser Cover Set will help eradicate the unwanted remnant scents after the meal, and will quickly leave your home smelling fresh once again.

Teepi Aromatic Diffuser Cover Set by Pana Objects
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