7 Home Accessories for Christmas Season

7 Home Accessories for Christmas Season

7 Home Accessories for Christmas Season

7 Home Accessories for Christmas Season

The Right Christmas Decorations

The Christmas breeze is back in the air, and everyone is getting into the festive spirit by changing their pillow covers to red and green, bringing out Christmas-themed home accessories, and putting up their wreaths and Santa socks in their houses. Surely, you’d like to join the trend to experience the joy that can only be felt at this time of year?

Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few decorations. So, here we are, assisting you in bringing the joy of the season into your home with these carefully picked home accessories. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the excitement, as well as a great backdrop for your family portrait!

1. White Grizzy Hot Pot Trivet


Starting off with something cute is this polar bear that can stand the heat. The Grizzly hot pot trivet comes in two colors, the regular grizzly brown bear and the white polar bear, which is the more recommended color to match the Christmas season.

2. Egguins – Cook, Store & Serve Egg Holder


Another Christmas décor that can double as a necessity in the house is these Egguins. Just normal egg holder cartons and trays aren’t enough to celebrate this festive season. 

Egguins are a cute addition to the kitchen to hold those eggs in place. It can hold not just two, but six eggs with a comfortable handle that can stay cool enough to hold even if you boil it together. You can even serve hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs at Christmas dinner in a fancy way!

3. All Seasons Glass Mug and Lid/Holder (Winter)


The winter-themed mug will make Christmas more noticeable in your home. It comes with a matching lid that can also be used as a cup holder.

It’s a design for the top of your mugs if you want to use this winter lid for your coffee, tea, milk, or whatever warm drink you’re enjoying this cold season. A Douglas fir stuck in a pile of snow is how it would look on top of your mug. Meanwhile, if you’re using it as a holder, it will look like a snow globe, where a Christmas tree is trapped within your mug. Cool, right?

Winter lids and holders are a really cute addition, especially if you have guests over. They will surely notice that little extra on how you serve their cup of tea!

4. The Oomph and Tootsie Bundle – Water-Repellent Bean Bag Chair with Ottoman/Footrest


Getting Christmas-themed decorations can be impractical for some, as you wouldn’t really have the chance to use these items once the Christmas season is over. If you are one of those people who would rather find something useful for the entire year but will blend in well with the festive feels, then this bundle is just the one, technically two, for you.

There’s a rainbow of colors to choose from, but red and green are the traditional colors of Christmas so we recommend buying those. Bean bags are really comfy, perfect since we are all supposed to have fun and rest by the end of the year. There is also an ottoman that comes with it, so you can be more creative on how you can be comfortable while using it.

If you have little children in the house and you’re afraid that they’ll just trash this expensive bean bag and ottoman bundle, just put those worries aside! They can enjoy this too as it has child-safety zippers and a water repellent material to prevent your kids from getting things all over it.

5. Bert – Cheese Knife


Next up is a novelty knife that is just too cute and funny not to add to this list. Bert is a gnome, but he doesn’t belong to the garden or your backyard. This Christmas season, you are bringing a gnome to the kitchen to assist you with your cooking.

The Bert cheese knife will fascinate your guests if you ever cut cheese in front of them. It’s an adorable little thing, and it probably won’t hurt the pocket to buy something for the functionality and laughs!

6. Bamboo Fibre Classic Towel Bundle – Set of 3


Don’t let Christmas be confined to your living room and kitchen. Bring it all the way to your bathroom with this towel bundle. This bath towel, hand towel, and face towel trio come in both colors white and green. The green one is definitely the choice of color if you want a Christmas-themed bathroom!

7. Audrey Door Mat


Santa may not come through your front door, but your family, friends, and invited people certainly would, and not through your chimney. Give them a warm welcome with this Audrey doormat.

The doormat reads “glad you’re here,” making everyone feel welcome to celebrate Christmas in your home. It’s simple but many would appreciate these words. Besides the welcoming feeling, you might also want to make them clean their shoes first before stepping into your newly decorated Christmas home!

Christmas is enjoyable because people celebrate it and bring it to life. Even if it’s only celebrated once a year, there’s nothing better than relishing this winter feeling. Your warm chocolate with marshmallows is better to enjoy around decorations consisting of Santa hats and Christmas ornaments rather than a bare house.

Those who are thinking that they can only use these decorations once a year, think again. There’s another 25th of December coming around next year, and no one will even notice you have the same decorations up on your home! To add, these stuff listed above are Christmas gift ideas Singapore residents would love!