5 ways to discriminate women… and how to avoid doing so

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It’s International Women’s Day, and even though we've come a long way in cutting out discrimination against women and celebrating their achievements, there are things that men... and women too... still tend to take for granted.

Of course, we're way past the nasty stuff, like burning women at the stake, but we'd be a nicer society all around if men - everyone, for that matter - stop making these social faux pas against women.



People say empty vessels make the most noise. It’s true when it comes to mansplainers. Not only do they assume that women lack common knowledge, some guys even have the nerve to be condescending and even pretend to know more than they do.

Look, nobody likes mansplainers, and if anyone wants you to explain anything, they’ll ask.

PS: The reverse equivalent is apparently called "mumsplaining". Ever seen an auntie give unsolicited parenting advice to a stranger? Mumsplaining.



Imagine finding an empty seat on public transport, but with a bloke next to it seated with his legs wide apart, encroaching on said empty seat. That’s the first obvious annoyance with manspreading.

However, there’s much more than just an issue of physical space. Manspreading is seen as an act of asserting one’s authority over a woman’s space. It’s so offensive that Madrid bans manspreading on public transport.

If there’s a real need to manspread, we suggest getting a big beanbag such as the Vesuvius by SoftRock Living and do it all you want in private.

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Leaving all household chores to the women

Back in the day when most women stayed home all day, they’d settle the household chores all on their own while the men head off to work. The men would then return home, not needing to touch an ounce of chores.

But we’re not living in those times anymore.

Women now have jobs and successful careers, and they contribute to the household income as well. With the load off the men’s shoulders as sole breadwinners, it would be logical to assume that they should be doing the housework as well, right? Well… wrong.

Somehow, men still don’t help out as much as they should at home. Come on guys, it wouldn’t hurt to help out a little - nobody loves doing the chores, so help your lady out at home.

Maybe some chic household tools and accessories might help. Check these out to make household chores that little bit more delightful: Dreamfarm and OMMO products. Mr. Sponge Sponge Holder and Soap Opera Dish Scrubber Holder by Peleg Design

Assuming women are bad drivers

For as far as we can all remember, chauvinists have been pushing the stereotype that women are horrible drivers (while assuming men are all experts in the craft).

You’ve probably witnessed someone you know curse at another driver while adding the comment about how it “must be a female driver” - it’s all too familiar.

Don’t think we need to tell you, but everyone is at risk of being a bad driver at any given point in time, no matter the gender.

We understand that driving in Singapore can be stressful, so here are some ways to make your driving experience distraction-free and more conducive:

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Dishing out "like a girl” insults

We hear this quite often. It's essentially comparing less-than-ideal ways of doing things to being "like a girl". You’ve heard these before:

Crying… like a girl.
Wearing pink… like a girl.
Taking so long… like a girl.
Being late… like a girl.

Come on, men cry too. Colours are not gender-exclusive, and neither is being late - that’s just a bad habit that anyone can have.

Man up and accept people for who they are, and not blaming things you don’t like on innocent "girls".

Still think blue is for boys and pink is for girls? Let's get rid of this stereotype - our designs are for all:


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