5 Gaming Bean Bags to Replace Your Gaming Chair

5 Gaming Bean Bags to Replace Your Gaming Chair


What's the big deal about gaming chairs that look like racing seats? They don't really adapt to your actual back's profile so they can't achieve full ergonomics with you. And you know if you can't attain complete sync with your seat, you can't really unlock your full gaming potential. In addition, if you're not #PCMasterrace, no gaming chair is going be able to provide you with the right recline and the right angle, and that's no Secret. Labs aren't required to come up with that conclusion.

So gamers, rise up, out of those uncomfortable gaming chairs and make the Switch to a proper a proper ergonomic cocoon that will help you get that high KD. Just about any bean bag will help, but we've shortlisted a few for that extra DPS if you're shopping for the best alternatives to gaming chairs in Singapore.


God of FWOOA

Strap into the FWOOA, a stretchy bean of a bean bag, with the accompanying FWOOARMREST to achieve ultimate comfort. Remove all distractions, from the discomfort of a rigid chair, to the strain of holding up your controller. This versatile seat will help you get your monster kills as you wiggle your kra-toes.

If you're a filthy casual, no sweat. The Fwooarmrest works great with all other mobile devices, from tablets to phones. What a Mobile Legend this armrest is.


Say Halo to my rectangular friend

Our best selling shapes are the rectangular versatile ones. From the spill-proof plopsta' to the machine washable doobsta', these bean bags let you sit upright, or recline, as the occasion requires. Check out our suggested uses here, or experiment on your own and enter the Uncharted waters. If there's any reason to ditch those Residentially Evil chairs, it's these bean bags.


It's Dangerous to oomph alone

The oomph is one of our most chair-like doob bean bags. If you need to be seated a bit higher, or a bit more upright, this is the one for you. Still beats those uncomfortable actual chairs though because of beanbagernomics.

The oomph links up pretty well with a tootsie too. Use it in footrest mode, and it will take your Breath of the Wild away. That, or you will be Skrimming with joy.


Get your Ass-ass-in the platoopat

The platoopat, being a very appealing (and appetising) shape, is a great balance between comfort and style. Use it to great (M)ass Effect when battling Unsurmountable odds.


Get a Platinum score with the platami

Game with a Devil-May-Cry-Care attitude on the platami tatami. If you haven't the space for a real doob bean bag, you can console yourself that the more compact platami lets you position yourself at the ideal spot to maximise your field of view, especially when heeding the Call of dooby. Even this is better than a silly overpriced gaming chair that's just Tekken you for a ride.


The Last of Us - The fwooarmrest

Still want to sit on a sofa? Fine, at least get the fwooarmrest. Use it for lower back support, or as a neck rest, or even to support your hands to relieve stress from holding the controller. Wii won't judge.


So there we have it. Our five reasons for you to not get a chair for console gaming. Add a bean bag to your Kart now and get it within a Fortnite. Way in time for Gran Turismo 7... or Half Life 3. 

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