2021 Best Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore

2021 Best Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore


Well, we've made it another whole year through the Covid-19 pandemic together. We hope everyone has been keeping well, and we wish all the best of health to all, especially those who are afflicted with the virus.

We've come up with a gift guide for 2021, featuring our latest and greatest home accessories and home decor. In keeping with the focus on mental and overall wellbeing, as well as working from or staying home, we've decided to sort our gift ideas by passion/interest. Gift-giving is always a great mood-booster, and giving thoughtful and useful gifts for your loved ones to enjoy at home in Singapore, even more so.

Read on to see our home accessories and home decor gift suggestions!


Stationery for the Penmanship Enthusiast

With everything going digital, handwritten things become even more special. Making notes by hand as a personal memo help with memory, and sending messages with you own handwriting are always more meaningful to the recipient.

Check out sleek and minimalist stationery from Taiwanese brand HMM that lend an air of class to the work desk, such as the The HMM Magnetic Pen and the The HMM Plummet.


The Coffee Connoisseur

Coffee is a ritual for many people, be it at home or at the office. With so many ways to enjoy a cuppa, there's one for out there for the discerning drinker who takes pride in their percolation. Check out the Diamond Wireframe pour over coffee dripper or the Swan-Neck Kettle – Pour Over Coffee Kettle and Thermometer Set by A-IDIO for pour over coffee fans. For the ultimate mug that puts all the other ugly novelty mug gifters to shame, get the Mugr by HMM, painstakingly hand-crafted individually. For the ground-up approach purist that has grinds their own coffee beans, get the Sqoop cast iron coffee scoop for precise and classy scooping deserving of that DeLonghi.


The Art Appreciator

Art, and the arts in general, have been associated with mental health benefits. In addition, appreciating visual art is highly personal and subjective. This is why a gift of art is a gift of sincerity - showing your loved ones that you know them. Art doesn't have to be all serious and stiff upper lippy either - get the pop art take on local culture with the Mondrian Durian – Mond(u)rian pop art wall print by Big Red Chilli, or the sweet interpretation of Singapore icons with the Two Lions illustrated art print by Linette.


The Gamer Generation

Home entertainment options for most are TV and music. But for something more social, turn to games. Board games like the spicy Hotpot Havoc by Mercat Games make small gatherings at home less dull. For the more digitally inclined, console games with co-op modes, like the similarly delicious Overcooked series or Mario Party, make for a great bonding session for all ages. Unlock your achievements in comfort with the the fwooa spandex bean bag with armrest by doob Bean Bags or read our blog on the best gaming bean bags in Singapore.


The Picnicker

Getting cooped up at home can be claustrophobic for many. Which is why people have turned to exploring the outdoors, even in a space-scarce city such as Singapore. We've nitpicked picnic essentials for those who like to dine really really far away from crowds, like the [title] by Swanz, the Latte Bento Lunch Box by mosh!, and the Stogo by Qualy Design.


The Home Chef

Creativity is good for the mind and the soul, and many will agree that cooking, like other creative endeavours, is an art. For the people passionate about their culinary craft, consider getting something that matches their personality. From the cute and quirky ninja board by OTOTO, to the innovative and space-saving Spina by Dreamfarm, there is something in mrphy for everyone.


The Workaholic

Singapore has the unfortunate honour of rising to become one of the most overworked countries in the world, in a 2021 survey. As it turns out, working from home blurs office hours for some, who are compelled to work longer hours.

Remind your friends and loved ones to take a break and chillax, with these irresistible bean bags and tatamis from doob Bean Bags and SoftRock Living, or get ultra comfy bedding from local brand Weavve, to make those Zs count.


The Eco Lover

Living a more sustainable life is the way to go for everybody, and kudos to those who make an effort to go about their day using less resources where possible, leaving less waste. Get reusable containers that look great, like the Stogo containers by Qualy Design and home accessories made with sustainable materials, like the Ravin Trays by Pana Objects, to show your appreciation for their doing their part in preserving the environment.


The Botanist

As we've mentioned in a previous article, growing plants at home come with several benefits, including mental health ones. For the horticulturally inclined, consider gifting the Oasis Self-Watering Plant Tray by Qualy Design or the Care-it Self-Watering Device by Peleg Design.


And there you have it. Our recommendations on gifting for the year 2021, for Christmas gifts that are thoughtful and sincere, and tasteful to boot. Shop these and more on mrphy.sg. More important than receiving these physical gifts though, is the knowledge that someone is looking out for you, and wishes the best for your health, mental, or otherwise.