10 Kitchen Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier

10 Kitchen Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier


The kitchen industry constantly releases sleek, stylish, and fascinating kitchen gadgets, and here at mrphy, we highlight 10 useful ones from our storefront that will make life in the kitchen easier!


Salt and Pepper Grinder

Even if a gourmet chef uses unusual ingredients and spices, you won't go very far in any dish without salt and pepper. Using a grinder to crush coarse salt or peppercorns daily can add a touch of sophistication to your meal preparation and elevate your standard. Grinding fresh herbs and spices allow the scent and taste to be released right before use, resulting in a more vibrant and full-bodied flavour that may transform ordinary cooking into a delectable gourmet affair.

Dreamfarm Ortwo Lite – One or Two-Handed Pepper Mill

Ortwo Lite is a plastic version of Ortwo, the world’s first pepper mill to combine the convenience of one-handed spice grinding, with the extra speed, ease, and an unmatched output of two. Ortwo Lite’s custom designed, ultra-sharp ceramic grinder is fully adjustable with 6 settings from super fine to coarse, will never corrode or rust and is perfect for all spices – including salt. The wide-mouth, flat-bottomed, BPA-free spice jar is super easy to fill, dishwasher safe and super strong, so whether you’re using it one-handed or two, this award-winner really is anything but run of the mill.

Qualy Tasty Owl Salt/Pepper Grinder

Who-who needs the salt or pepper? Tasty Owl is ready to fly into the kitchen to make your meal a tad tastier. Just twist his head to grind fresh pepper or salt onto your food. Grinders sold individually.


Kitchen Toolset

No kitchen is complete without a set of essential utensils such as spatulas, turners, ladles and spoons. Whether you're frying a quick egg in the morning, mixing up a batch of brownies, or making a big Christmas dinner, having a quality set of kitchen tools is never a bad investment.

Dreamfarm Set of the Best Kitchen Tools (Red)

Set of the Best is the essential collection of Dreamfarm’s best and most loved everyday kitchen tools. Each tool has been specifically designed to solve problems and do new and incredibly useful things. Set of the Best is beautifully presented, makes the perfect gift, represents great value and is a fantastic way start your Dreamfarm collection.

Cookduo Steelcore Nylon Kitchen Tools Set

The Steelcore range of cooking tools are a set of essential everyday nylon cooking tools, great for non-stick cookware, but re-designed from the ground up.

Developed to be one of the best nylon cooking tools on the market today, Steelcore cookware is designed to eliminate the problems of existing nylon tools; some are thin and extremely flexible, easy to break or too thick and very cumbersome to use. Thus, the Steelcore line of nylon tools is the first to integrate a steel rod, inside the tool from the length of the handle to the bottom of the shaft. The resulting product is a rigid, zero flex design, while remaining thin and versatile to use. We can proudly say this one of the best nylon tools on the market. All quality, no gimmicks.


Condiment Jars / Containers

Whether you use only basic condiments or have a plethora of condiments to whip up cuisines from around the world, having a set of functional and stylish condiment jars or containers will make cooking easier. Stop fiddling around with oil bottles and bags of herbs and spices of various sizes and mechanisms and get organised for maximum cooking efficiency!

Qualy Flat Top Storage Container and Rack Set

This storage set will help your kitchen look tidy and even easier for you to access. The Flat Top Storage Container and Rack Set is stackable while each container is easy to use by pulling its extended lid. Each container is made from BPA-free materials and has an airtight seal lid to keep the contents fresh.

The rack is made entirely of recycled ABS, as part of Qualy Design's efforts to contribute towards a circular and more sustainable economy.

Zuutii Drip-Free Oil Carafe

The Zuutii Oil Carafe offers an elegant and effective way of storing and dispensing your favourite liquid condiments. Whether inside your kitchen cupboard or fridge, on the countertop, or even at the dining table, this wonderful piece of living design combines subtle yet sophisticated aesthetics with innovative features like an auto-flip cap and a drip-free spout that helps fill your kitchen with style.

Made with high quality borosilicate glass and BPA-free plastic, make even your cooking oil look fabulous. Pro-tip: infuse your oil or vinegar with herbs for great taste and even fancier looks that will impress whoever is looking over your shoulder as you cook.



OTOTO Scaredy Cat – Hot Pot Trivet

Scaredy Cat hides flat when you place a pot on her back, But she’ll pop up when you remove it, ready to attack!

Cookduo Grab & Grip Pot Holder and Trivet

The Grab & Grip Pot Holder & Trivet gives you three products in one! A larger square pot holder, a smaller circular pot holder, and a trivet.

Duo folding design, use the Square pot holder for grabbing large items, larger handle, knobs, sides of pots and pans. Round inner pad folds separately from the square pad to grip smaller handles and edges with better precision. Combined with a honeycomb silicone non-slip grip, your days of accidentally burning your fingers are over.

Doubles up as an extra thick trivet that protects your table and countertops.


Kitchen Sink Accessories

And when all the cooking and feasting is done, it would be time to (cue groans) get everything cleaned up. Reduce the burden with quality, effective tools to get every inch of scum scraped up!

Tovolo Magnetic Sink Buddy

This gadget can do everything from scraping pans to cleaning your sink. Sink Buddy is held securely in your sink by a strong magnet, keeping your countertops clean.

Tovolo Magnetic Soap Dispensing Dish Brush and In-Sink Holder

You can keep your dish brush close at hand with this cleaning pair! The Magnetic Soap Dispensing Dish Brush is held upright by magnets, allowing drips to flow directly into the sink.


In Conclusion

When it comes to cooking and baking, having the right kitchen accessories is essential. Whether you need high-quality kitchen essentials like knives, pots, and pans or specialty appliances like food processors and stand mixers, there is something for every cook in the world of kitchen accessories singapore. And of course, no kitchen would be complete without essential tools like measuring spoons and cups and cutlery sets, and tableware for serving your meals. So whether you're a professional chef or an everyday home cook, having these effective kitchen accessories will make cooking much more easier and enjoyable!